Tuesday, December 22, 2020

End of Year Post


Our Christmas card this year. For those of you keeping track, upper left hand corner going clockwise----Jaxon and Cameron age 5 (they are twins),  Elliott 13 and Griffin will be 16 next week! Madison 13, Piper 1, Finnegan 5 and Brynn 3 and my oldest grandchild Fallon is 17!! Life is certainly better with grandchildren in it!

I definitely scaled back on the Christmas decorating this year. I focused on my kitchen table that is the heart of our home. Putting live plants there seemed fresh and just right, I love the simplicity. The beautiful nativity scene is a gift from my friend Stephanie all the way from Germany! I am hoping the amaryllis bloom in the next 2 days, my fingers are crossed.

Today I am cooking the things that can be done ahead. I am making Pavlova for dessert, 2 of them because everyone loves this! It's a little fussy, but mostly you need patience. Have you ever made it? Give it a try, it's light but yummy.

The new Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patters by Barbara Brackman is out and in color!

I have Electric Quilt and use it all the time. My guild did a Sew Along and I drafted most of the patterns on the program. They will also be offering software in 2021 that goes along with the book.

At this time of year sewing is on the back burner. This is a block of the month with Fig Tree Quilts. I am keeping up with this one! I think it ends in February or March.

We are starting to put the blocks together which I am glad so I don't have to make too many more blocks.

These are my Zoom blocks that I work on when we have Zoom meetings. I am almost finished the 10th one, I wonder how many more I will make?

I am still making the house blocks here and there. I have over 50 now.

My friend Cindy made this tub for me and it is perfect for storing the blocks so they don't get lost.

Even the inside is pretty.

I love this fabric by Cathe Holden. These are some labels for the back of quilts, but think of all the other things you could do with them.

This print features vintage paint-by-number paintings that are so fun.

This one features needlepoint. How cool would this be in a tote or purse?

I am trying to hold back with the cross stitch but it is hard! The patterns, the floss!!! It's all so great and so different from the 1980's.

This is a zipper pull that was made from a sampler image.

If you don't know, they now have cute little things like this to loop your floss onto. I don't want to tempt you but they sure are cute.

This year I have read 63 books! I think I will be able to finish this one in time to make it 64. This is pretty intriguing and an easy read. Do you keep track of your books? I do on Goodreads. I have started so many books that I have already read so this helps and I can also recommend books that I liked.

A while ago I posted a pattern for a quilt that I was working on that I called Pandemic. It was wildly popular, I sent out hundreds of patterns. Jayne sent me this picture of the quilt she made with the pattern as a wedding present. I think it is terrific! Thanks for sharing Jayne!

As the year comes to a close, I hope you find some good things to reflect on. I know everyone hated this year but I am choosing to look for the good things. Two really good things happened to me this year, so I am focusing on them. One I will share in the new year so stay tuned (-:
This morning 4 bluebirds were snacking on berries in the front yard. They were so beautiful against the white snow and the red berries, just an ordinary thing that made me feel good. I am going to keep looking for those kind of things.

I painted this the other day and have found that painting is very relaxing and very different than quilting. If you mess up usually you haven't spent months or maybe years of your life creating it. It's just paper and paint or fabric and we can always get more.

From my home to yours..... we wish you a very Merry Christmas! 



  1. So many wonderful things. Loved your cross stitch. Merry Christmas

  2. Merry Christmas, Kelly! Many happy wishes for you and your family in 2021!

  3. Merry Christmas, Kelly! I agree, good to focus on the positive! Great post, so much inspiration! I hope that the new year brings you good health and happiness, with lots of time for grandchildren and fun!

  4. Merry Christmas Kelly to you and your whole beautiful family.
    It was fun to catch up with all your projects.
    I love that paint by number and needlepoint fabric. Need to grab some of that.
    I love your paintings. You are such a talent and inspiration.
    I wish you all the best in 2021.

  5. Thank you for all of your sharing...Merry Christmas!

  6. Enjoyed the post. Wishing us all a good 2021!

  7. I loe all the blocks and quilts you posted this year. So good to get to know you.
    And I am a reader as well but do not keep track of what I've read. That is a great idea.
    Here's to a much improved 2021~~

  8. What a variety of topics in this post! You've had a lot happening. Your Christmas table is very pretty in its simplicity. I hope your amaryllis blooms. I too have the new Barbara Brackman book, and EQ8, but really don't use it very often. These days, I'm generally making up quilts as I go, but the book is a nice reference for traditional blocks that might be made modern. That basket, made by Cindy, is wonderful and makes me want to make a couple square ones for tossing fabric scraps as I cut improv shapes. Yes, in fact I do keep a list of books read, along with written blog reviews, and giving each title a rating. I've listened to 70 books this year and a list of them will soon be available on my blog. I hope others will benefit from it by being able to pass by the titles with low scores. I sure enjoy seeing your watercolor. You create lovely artwork, and I can understand how it's a nice departure from quiltmaking. We each find ways to diversify our creativity, don't we? I will peg loom weave, or braid now, for something different to do - both learned during the pandemic. So yes, a few good things came out of 2020. Another is gratitude for technology that allows us to not only stay in touch, but also thrive by learning new things through virtual workshops. Yay for hidden gems!

  9. Happy New Year 2021!!! I love your quilt collection. Your collection always high quality. Anyway, I found another fabric store which is I found another fabric store which is Broadway Fabrics. Thank you so much!!!! Hope your new quilt collection will be Awesome!


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