Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Pandemic Sewing

I have many, many UFO's that I could be working on. I decided to start a new quilt. I needed mindless, few choices and something that did not require much brain power. I also need a few rules to keep me on track.
I have always wanted to make this pattern. I chose to do it paper pieced. Why? Because it is 2 seams and no measuring. The center spoke is about 8" long and 3 1/2" wide. The 2 matching outsides are 4" wide and 8" long. No templates to cut, no "precise " sewing just sit and mindlessly sew.

I decided my rules would be to use up those big prints that I never know what to do with.....I also decided to use dark colors, though as you see there are some lights and mediums in there. I found out my stash is lacking in dark colors!
Good contrast between the colors in each section was also a must.

I challenged myself to use some "ugly" colors and make some not pretty blocks. If you look at old quilts they have some real dogs in them!

The last one looks like actual barf! But it works in it's spot on the quilt. The others do too. Not every block can be the queen of the prom.

I used some of my vintage fabric where it worked with it's neighbor. I love using these in a new quilt!

I like the weirdness of these and they make the quilt so much more interesting!

The casualness and off kilter of the plaid moves your eye and makes you pay attention.

This is one of my favorites! I did "plan" this one.

The two of these would work.....but they are too matchy, matchy for me.

Look how that perks up when you add that yellow and orange.

or how about with this?
This would be a great time to match up colors that are opposite on the color wheel.

This is a strong color and design, small doses are best or use it or a similar color again. Maybe even 3 times to move your eye around the quilt.
I was starting to run out of big prints and dug into my Kaffe fabrics. I had to be carefully because they can take over. I did not want it to read as a "Kaffe" quilt. This would be beautiful in Kaffe prints. Maybe I need to make another!

I only have 6 more blocks to go. When I stop for the day, I try to have 8 fabrics ready to go so I don't have to think too much and can start the sewing right away. It helps.
I do each block separately to keep it from getting crazy and overwhelming. Simple decisions, one at a time are best for me right now.
I am feeling like this quilt is capturing this crazy time in history! I will be sure to document it.

So for anyone who would like the pattern for this, email me and I will send it to you. I am not sure how to put it on my blog. Four sections make one 10" block. Email me at

I would also do a tutorial if anyone wants to see one. It needs a name too...suggestions?

It's really fun and I great way to use up some fabric!



  1. I really really love this quilt--mindless sewing is what I am doing now, too...preciseness in this time of corona virus with no way to know what is going to happen to us all in the future is not in my playbook...
    Easy and fun are my watchwords...nice work ~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose

  2. I love the ability to put fabrics together that you'd never otherwise put together. GREAT little quilt.
    They almost look like propellers to me so maybe "Propelled to Shelter"??
    I'd love the paper pieced pattern. I'll email you separately. Thanks.
    i Have a bunch of Kaffe fabrics that'd be perfect...

  3. Wow! This is looking fantastic! Loving all your bold prints and the vintage vibe. Beautiful. I too have worked on pushing the envelope with mismatching, odd fabric combinations in a few quilts through the years. It's surprisingly difficult to do, but oh so rewarding in terms of the vintage feel/look to the quilt. Easy decisions seems like the perfect place to strive for with quilting right now. I'd probably call the quilt 'everythings spinning' or something like that!

  4. I love the quilt, sorry the craziness of the world today was the source, but you will be delighted when things are back to norm and you can cuddle under this bright beautiful quilt. I often find the most unusual fabrics combine to speak to me.

  5. Very cute quilt that looks awsome with the fabrics you are using.

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt and your fabrics combinations!
    did you make your own paper pattern? yes I'd love the pattern ! :)
    this quilt is an inspiration

  7. What a fun quilt. I would love a tutorial and will mail for the pattern. Thanks

  8. Kelly, this is such a fun quilt - absolutely love it! Beautiful work!

  9. Along with everyone else, I too really LOVE this quilt with its many wonderful fabrics! I am emailing you for the pattern! Thank you so much for offering it!

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  11. I've always loved that design and the colors you chose are beautiful! I would love to make this pattern! I will e-mail you. Thanks.

  12. I love this Kelly. Would very much like a tutorial. I will e-mail for the pattern. It reminds of the whirlybirds off the maple trees. Thank you!

  13. Love it- a tutorial would be great, especially since I've never paper pieced before. Thanks!

  14. You have the BEST scraps! This is such a happy, optimistic quilt - perfect for now, actually! Love the pattern too - it instantly made me think of several in Cultural Fusion Quilts - like Lattice. You have a lovely quilt in the book! Anyway I love both of them! I could never pick my favorite quilt, I love them all. :) Happy quilting!

  15. Love the boldness of your quilt. It's crazy, but in a delightful way. I think as a kid I use to wear some of those combinations! Maybe I still do !


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