Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday, Monday

So of course now is a great time to start a new project? I should be working on all the UFO's but for right now this is fast and easy. I also found out I do not have many dark fabrics......I wanted this to look different from what I usually do with light, bright, happy colors. Maybe this is a reflection of the times?

This is the state of my sewing room, last week. It looks much more chaotic right now! I am using a lot of big prints that can be hard to work with in a quilt. I am also not matching the 2 prints I am using. I want it to look unplanned, which we all know is impossible in the real world, but I'm trying!

This quilt started out as a bunch of blocks that were impossible to make into a quilt because they would not lie flat. I starched the heck out of them, used some of my vintage fabric to frame them and sewed them together. I just love the randomness of the blocks and how value was pretty much out the window when constructing these baskets. Some of the fabrics were pieced together to be able to use as one part of the block.
I like how this is now "my" quilt. I thought about this person as they made the quilt and wondered about their life. Was she disappointed that the blocks would not go together? Did someone tell her the fabrics were ugly?
I used straight line quilting to get the job done and it is soft and snuggly.

I started a Dear Jane quilt using modern color fabrics. These are Alison Glass from a few years ago. They are small 4 1/2" finished! It is taking a lot of patience, which I don't have a lot of right now.

These blocks are from a swap I did with Barb, from Fun With Barb  I love them and want to finish them up except I don't have enough fabric.....what to do......? Use random colors for the alternate blocks? That might require concentration and planning, I don't have that now.

Last week was my daughter's birthday. We did a birthday parade, which is not nearly the same as being with the ones you love. I love being home but it is getting old. It does't help that the weather has been cold, gray and rainy.

On the bright side, spring keeps going no matter what. My redbuds were spectacular this year! Notice it is against a gray and moody sky.
For most people I talk to, creativity seems to be hard right now. Yesterday I spent way too much time on a block that should have gone together very fast. I wanted to throw it in the trash. Instead the mistake is in the bock and it may stay there as a reminder of these weird days.



  1. I love that basket quilt--the fabrics in it are amazing...
    nice work to get it to lay flat!!
    ~ ~ ~ waving from afar Julierose

  2. I feel so much the same way Kelly! It has been a little hard to land on just the right project. I really like the solution on your basket blocks. I think it is charming in every way. I especially love the red renegade block. What a fun quilt to study.
    Your other UFOs are great too and you'll get to them when they are ready.
    Your first photo is fabulous. I love the simplicity of the 2 fabric blocks.
    They are dark for you !
    Cute Idea to have a Birthday parade. Luckily your kids live close enough to see in person and not on a screen. I can't imagine how much you miss those grandkids.
    stay well my friend.

  3. oooo the first quilt is so good! I love the darker random colors and prints and the strong graphic lines. It so reminds me of my grannie's quilts from clothes... now what is the pattern source?? (I'm being a copy cat)

  4. I am having a terrible time settling down into any one project. Really have to push myself to gain any momentum. LOVE your basket quilt! Really great looking and yes, very you now. It's going to quilt up so beautiful and cozy too.:) Your bright but dark colors in the first project really grab the eye. Looking very promising!

  5. I love your quilt in progress AND your newly completed "Ugly" quilt!! Both are oh-SEW-charming. Enjoy!

  6. Thank you for finishing that basket quilt for the unknown maker of the blocks. You made it beautiful.

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