Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Moda Building Blocks

Today was a busy day with not a lot of time to sew. I decided to see if I could knock out one or two of the Modern Building Blocks,

This went together pretty quickly. I am enjoying working with these traditional blocks.

Isn't this background a nice print? It could be Christmas or not, very versatile. I can't believe the shot I took had a perfect point involved (right hand side). That almost never happens!

Part of the fun of these blocks is picking out the fabric. This was how I thought it was going together.

I moved the gingham to the middle, I like it better in that position.

Now I need to clean up! I made some more of the fast nine patches using  Barb's tutorial. I decided to try and remember to cut out 4 1/2 squares every time I cut fabric so they are ready to go and for even more nine patches. I may end up with enough for a king size quilt....

I found this the other day at Barnes & Noble. I just had to get it. I am thinking of putting some recipes in it.
I forgot to take a picture of the finished Dolly Quilt. I will post it tomorrow.



  1. You always pick the best fabrics for your blocks! What a great idea to cut squares for 9 patches. They would make an amazing king size quilt. I love polka dot dresses!

  2. Snap! Im making a very similar block to your first one at the moment. Yours is gorgeous in two colours.

    And I love those pink chevrons.

  3. I love polka dot dresses too! Good idea cutting the squares a you go!

  4. Great blocks and fun notebook. I'm going to try and make a few more 9 patches too, but not as many as it would take to make a king size quilt. Wow!

  5. Love your blocks! You always put together thr best fabrics. Today you used my two favorite colors. Red and pink. The little Moda flip book, is it all blocks that will be a sampler quilt? I have never seen it and it looks interesting.

  6. Lovely joyful blocks! I like your cute receipe book!

  7. I am really enjoying watching you make these blocks. today is the day I need to order that pattern I have put it off long enough
    really fun fabric choices. love that book /journal from Barnes and Noble they really do carry some fun things !

  8. I loved you blocks so much that I bought that little flip thing to try some too. I do love polka dot dresses.

  9. Love looking at your fabrics! Very cute book too. I can see why you had to grab it.:)

  10. I'm loving seeing the Moda Blocks come together on IG - so tempting to add it to my must make list. :)

  11. Your blocks are looking great, Kelly. I love anything polka dot!

  12. that journal is adorable!! I too have to start cutting extra 4 1/2" blocks to make extra modern blocks.
    Your pink block is very fun! got a chuckle out of your "perfect point" i get it

  13. The blocks are looking good. Cute little journal, too.


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