Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I Drank The Koolaid

And it's not the first time and probably won't be the last time.....I am sure many of you have seen the Sew Together bag all over blog land. At first it didn't strike me as something I  HAD to make. The more I saw it the more I NEEDED it. Is it the wear down effect, or am I easily influenced?

I love all the compartments to hold all kinds of sewing things. This will be perfect for getaway/retreats where you need to bring a million things and they are all in one place.

The best part is picking out all the fabrics! The pattern calls for fat quarters but I was able to use a layer cake and get all my pieces cut. For the exterior I chose to piece mine, but if you went for one fabric you would have to use a fat quarter.

I love the polka dots on the sides, they make me happy! Those nasty edges will be covered up with binding.

The zippers on the inside were not hard to do at all. Just some patience and slow sewing got the job done.
All I have left to do is the big scary zipper on the outside, yes I am procrastinating......

I will do another post when it is finished and give you more details about a tutorial and some places to find tips if you are thinking of making one. I already have some other fabric combos in mind.....



  1. Too cute, and too funny! I find myself drinking the koolaid way too often as well. But look what a fun little bag you have now. :)

  2. You have my address, right? I understand that these are addictive so just send the next one you me....

  3. I have been seeing these bags all over too. And thinking I should make one. Must finish some other stuff first.

  4. I think we like a challenge- that's why I've made a couple of these! And they're not so scary after all! Love the spots too!

  5. I love seeing these bags pop up every where. Yours is extra fabulous in the fabrics you've used. I'd be procrastinating about the zip too. Great to see those clips being used again.

  6. So cute - and so Kelly
    I will be interested in the tips for making one. I have been tempted, but I'm not great on fidley sewing, like zipper.
    It is really wonderful and you did a beautiful job as usual.

  7. Pass the cup! I am with you--was on the fence but you may have taken me over the other side. Darn Cute and love the fabrics!! I now own some similar ones--hummmmmmmmm.


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