Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Monday

After the power sewing session last week, I have not even touched my sewing machine since I got home. It felt good to get a start on the bowtie quilt.

I really like how this is turning out. All the bowties are vintage feedsack fabrics and the backgrounds are modern up to date fabrics.

I loved the ballerinas on this fabric and didn't have enough to make one of the squares. I resorted to the old fashion way of piecing it to make it work.

This one feels very contemporary to me, I could see this in a current collection.

How fun is this?

Even I who struggle with contrast realized a lot of these were low contrast. I went ahead and used them any way. I like how some of them fade in and out, like old quilts. It makes you have to really look at the fabrics.

One of the things I bought at the quilt show were these bundles of hand dyed wool.  I have a definite project in mind for these little pretties.

I really like how they are gradated. Isn't this a pretty blue?

This is where I got them. Jackie is a fun person with lots of beautiful wool. Call or email her if you have something in mind.

We had some campers in our woods this weekend.

Griffin and Elliot
My grandsons, Griffin and Elliot camped out with their mom and dad. They cooked sausage over the campfire in the morning, with some honey buns to go along just in case.........



  1. What a great idea, to combine the vintage feedsacks with the current background fabrics! I have loads of feedsacks and I'm going to consider this combo once I get a few things finished. *Must not start any new projects*!!!
    Your blocks look terrific.

  2. I love these blocks they look beautiful. wow!
    camping near a house is a good thing :)

  3. I LOVE your bow ties!!! It's the sort of quilt you will notice different fabrics each time you look. You certainly got a lot of sewing done on your retreat, that's a lot of blocks!

  4. I love the timeless combination in your bow ties! Sew on!

  5. Great post It took me forever to finally come across your website. Sometimes bing makes it time consuming....Best Cccam Server

  6. Kelly, I love the mix of vintage prints with new fabrics. It is fun to see all those prints.

  7. Got to love backyard camping. Your woods are perfect. Can't wait to see the woollie project.

  8. The bow ties are looking lovely. Gorgeous fabrics.
    I do like the look of those wools. Such stunning colours.
    Looks like a bunch of happy campers you have there.

  9. The bow tie quilt is looking great! I really like the combination of the old and new fabrics!

  10. What is it about bow-ties? LOVE them.:)

  11. I am totally in love with your combination of feed sacks and contemporary fabrics. The colors a awesome. I like those bowtie blocks. How big is that quilt going to be?
    You didn't camp out? LOL

  12. What fun, Kelly! Such great fabrics - love the combination of old and new!

  13. I LOVE our bow ties! so fun and playful!!
    cute campers. Your woods look so nice and neat. Do you groom them?

  14. Absolutely gorgeous quilt coming along Kelly, I love the feedsacks with the modern backgrounds. xo

  15. I've always liked bow tie quilts, though I've never made one. Your combo of old and new fabrics is charming. This is going to be so pretty!


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