Monday, September 1, 2014

Eat A Peach

Remember that album? How is it I can remember that was the name of the album by the Allman Brothers, but I can't remember what I did 2 days ago? We even looked it up and I was right, my husband was impressed.

Pies are not hard but are labor intensive, perfect for this weekend. I did learn a tip, put the peaches in boiling water for 1 minute and the skins slide right off, so worth the extra step!

My other tip, make the bottom crust a little bit longer than you think. When you make your edge, roll the bottom edge up and over to meet the top crust and it won't drip in the oven. Does that make sense? It was good.

I cut out 2 more blocks for the Moday Building Blocks. This is #6, I am not going in order. Even my phone coordinates!

Block #5. I am beginning to think I made the right decision to go with prints. It's not like I don't have any on hand, if you get what I mean!



  1. I love the Allman Brothers!!! Your pie looks so good! Thanks for the extra tips, I'm tempted to make one now though I'd use apples. You have a real knack for putting the right print fabrics together.

  2. Two great tips for pie making! Thanks! That Moda quilt is looking more and more like I should stitch one up too! ;-)

  3. oooh, I LOVE peach pie - did you know that one of the band members was hit by a peach truck, hence the name?
    great tip about the 1 minute boil.
    cute bright prints for your block!

  4. The pie looks great. I hope you had a big piece! Are all the modern blocks 36"? What are you going to do with them?

  5. Delicious peaches! Great tip on the pie making.
    These blocks are looking good.

  6. What time shall I be by for pie and coffee?? Haha--Looks so.... good. I have a few laying around--HUM! Your block are Great. Are they all 36 inches?

  7. Yummy looking pie!
    Love the colors on your next blocks. Look forward to seeing them all sewn up.

  8. The pie and the blocks look yummy!! I hate to buy peaches at the store because so often they are mealy and I have to throw them out...any tips on knowing ahead of time if they are good?


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