Monday, March 31, 2014

Miscellaneous Monday

This weekend was busy but I had time to get another kid drawing embroidered.

My grandson Griffin made this when he was 3. I faithfully copied it as he did it. I just wished he had signed it but I don't know if he could write his name yet!

It was for his mom, Mary who was the birthday girl this weekend. She loved it and even got a little teary when she opened it.

We were altogether for out Meanix monthly family dinner. It was held at Cait and Jim's house. The food was awesome and everyone had a good time.

It is fun to watch the kids get along now that they are older.

We also had a visit from my 2 cousins, Mary Beth and Wendy. They make a visit once a year and it is always a good time.

There was a little sewing....

as it rained all weekend long.....

How amazing is this quilt? It is made with silk and a brand new tool called Curvalicious, my friend Cheryl's new invention. If you are interested go to her site and you can see a Youtube video on how it works.



  1. I'm cracking up at your "get along now" with poor Griffin crying at the bottom of the pile of girls!!! Your embroidered drawings are so special, what a wonderful keepsake.

  2. It seems you had a wonderful family week-end. The embroidery is so cute! And I like the fabrics you are sewing, some pieces written in French!

    1. Christine you are a no reply so I couldn't send you an email back!

  3. Another cute stitchery!! What a great gift for the birthday girl! Your monthly get togethers must be so fun. Love your squares sewing, there's some of my favourite Suzuko Koseki prints in there. Cheryl's Curvaliscious piece is eyecatching. It looks like waves to me, it could have a Mermaid appliqued onto it for a fun quilt.

  4. I have to say that the adorable embroidery made me tear a bit too. Looks like a great get together. The pile of kids is too cute.
    I hve to pop over and see the curvilicious

  5. What a wonderful job to embroider a grandchilds drawing! Love it! Gonna do it! Want to see my DIL cry...she is so tender hearted :)

  6. Another gorgeous embroidered drawing. I do like these.
    Lovely to see another great family gathering.

  7. I want to come to Meanix dinners! Next time I need more descriptions of the food served. Love the little quilt squares. They look like budding spring trees.

  8. Love your little embroideries! What a great idea. And I love all the family pix too. It sure looks like you folks know how to have fun!

    Also, your mugs rugs in the last post are just adorable!

  9. Kelly
    Your bag looks every bit as good in person as it does online. Thanks for sharing at our applique class this morning. I'm inspired. I love learning something new. I may even make a bag, too!

  10. looks like a wonderful family get together - how nice to have such a big clan!
    Love the new embroidery is it a bunny? cat? so cute!
    Cheryl's quilt is awesome!


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