Sunday, March 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

No that is not a typo! Friday my friend, Judie and I finally exchanged Christmas presents and celebrated my birthday that is also in December. This is the wonderful quilt she made for me! We both love the beach and I am so happy that she made a quilt for me. It is going up in my sewing room.

I love the flip flops! We don't see each other very often since she moved away, but we pick up exactly where we left off when we do see each other. Thank you again Judie!

I had another "Christmas " moment Saturday when I came home to a package from my friend Cynthia in Arkansas. These were in the box!!!!!!

Cynthia said "she found these in her mother-in-law's attic and has no idea who made them". Then she re-found them in her attic! She decided I would be a good home for them.

So many things to do with them....

the fabrics are amazing.......

I am guessing 1930's- 1940's?

I am fascinated by the fabric in the center.....monkey, owl, windmill?

football player, badminton ( top right)? If anyone can tell me about this fabric, please do!

The center one reminds me of jelly beans. Thank you Cynthia I will come up with something to do with these.

This weekend Bob and I went to look at an old house that is for sale with the thoughts of a renovation and resale. It looked way better on the real estate website. It is very sad for me to walk through someone's home to see everything still in place. It feels invasive and intruding. Personal items still in place that I shouldn't see, it made me feel sad. The elderly gentlemen was moved out in the fall and died this winter. It is being sold for the liens with a stipulation it is not torn down (deed restricted). I am not sure that is going to happen but will follow it. If nothing else it makes me realize I need to purge even more than I already have!

Along with the mold, water damage, termites, no heat, this is another reason I am glad I am no longer a real estate agent!



  1. LOVE your blocks! You're already well on your way to a great quilt with those.:)

  2. Your little view of the beach is just what you need to see after all the snow you've had! Those arcs are really awesome! All the fabrics are so fun, especially the monkey one. I hope someone is able to fix that house up.

  3. I know what you mean Kelly about being invasive, when we had my parents estate sale, I only included items that I kne they would approve of - nothing personal, or in bad condition etc. love the quilt and your vintage blocks - they have lots of personality!

  4. That is interesting fabric - what a combination of motifs!! When I see an old house like that I like to imagine it when it was new and someone was excited to move into it

  5. Love your Christmas beach quilt. A lovely get away when the snow flies. ;) Those antique blocks are great. I love thirties fabrics....that one is really quirky. If you do find out about it I hope you post. I am curious as to its origins. Doesn't really look like the 30's fabrics I usually see.
    That house makes me want to know about renovations so that I could work on it. I love the character in old homes.

  6. Love your beach scene. So very sweet. Your fabrics look 30's to me but then those reds make me think 40'. They are wonderful.
    Flipping a house is a big job. But , wow, is it beautiful. I understand that it was sad to be there, hope it works out. Keep us posted.

  7. What fabulous fabrics! Don't you wish you had an endless amount of cash to restore that house - it looks like it could be rather wonderful.

  8. Ho Ho Ho and Happy Belated Birthday! What wonderful friends and fibery gifts. Can feel the sun from the wonderful beach scene and am excited over the arcs sent to you, which will be fun to create with. As neat as restoring is--I get exhausted even contemplating it ( won't that take away from sewing time?--Haha!).

  9. What great gifts! Each says 'YOU'"

  10. Stop purging!!!! There will be nothing left!!!!

  11. The fabrics look like the 30's/40's - maybe even into the 50's - these kinds of fabrics are called "feed sacks". Sugar, flour and feed were sold in them. You'll see lots of old scrappy quilts made with this type of fabric. What a great gift!

  12. What a great gift quilt! Love the flip flop too.
    Great arcs you received - I love that fabric too and I'm curious as well. Have you ever seen the snake setting? it's fun and different.
    I didn't know you were a real estate agent! I always thought I'd enjoy it, but then I remember the 5 times I've bought and how stressful it is. Poor old house. I hope someone will fix it up and breath new life into it.

  13. I bet that house was lovely in its day. So sad to have to go through it, neglected like that. Looks like a nice backdrop for some quilt photography though.

  14. I'd put those blocks at circa 1930...there are some earlier and few that could be later but "circa" gives you 15 years on either side! Without matching the fabric to a known feedsack (one that is intact or documented) it is almost impossible to know it is a feedsack only based on a photos. Patterns were sometimes used on both yardage and feedsacks. They are fun pieces and I'm sure you'll enjoy working with them!

  15. What a wonderful gift from your friend! I hope someone breathes some love back into that potentially beautiful house...


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