Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Year!
Later today the East Coast is expecting a snowstorm, followed by high winds and super cold temperatures. The perfect recipe for a sewstorm in my opinion. What to work on???

I showed bits of these cut out last week and wanted to try a couple to see if I could do them. I want to save this project for out Getaway in February but it sure is tempting to forge ahead.

This is a super easy block, another good one for the Getaway. Distractions make it hard to do anything too complicated.

I might decide to work on this thimble quilt that will be totally scrappy. It uses 5" square pieces of fabric.

I love these little baskets but need to redo the size.

Remember these stamps? I am inspired by this setting. You know this was a while ago.....13 cents!


Remember this quilt? The blocks are sort of small, about 6 to 8 inches square-ish.

I have thought about making one with 12" blocks for a son who has requested a new quilt.

Making it all green and neutrals.

There is this book I got as a gift and love everything in it. Lots if inspiration.

I also want to get back to these cute little blocks.

Those antique blocks are also calling my name. Jane I need your help!

Too many choices! Does this happen to you? Instead of bread, milk and eggs do you worry about having enough projects/fabrics for a sewstorm? It's a good problem to have today. What will you work on?



  1. Lots of projects to work on I especially like the green and neutral . My main project today is a trip to the grocery store.

  2. Well I like the "weather" in your sewing room! How will you pick which one? An hour on each?

  3. You do have lots of wonderful choices. I would probably hop around and work a bit on all of them. Which explains why I don't finish anything. LOL Happy sewstorm.

  4. Well you don't want to be bored on your getaway (or at home).:) Your green and neutral looks amazing! So many great projects to choose from.

  5. Lots of great choices! It has been snowing all day in Ohio and still going strong. 2-4 inches has turned into 6-8! I'm stitching away with hot chocolate to keep me warm. BTW, I found the link to your blog from LuAnn's Loose Threads. I clicked on it because I love those red and white blocks at the top!

  6. Okay! I almost bought the Curve Ruler I'm sorry that I didn't...and those thimbles are on my 2014 Want to Make List for sure! You always inspire, Kelly! Stay in!!

  7. Yep, too many choices, but then practicality sets in and I MUST work on one because of a deadline (gift, donation, class project). You've got some great projects to choose from. Are the first blocks made with the Quick Curve Ruler? Just bought that and am anxious to try it. I already made a quilt with those Postage Stamp Baskets (like your five-inch ones with the appliquéd handles). Love that Chaos quilt, for sure! Have lots of fun. Hope you get snowed in and are forced to sew! Ha!

  8. You certainly have a lot of wonderful choices. Hope you stay cozy and warm in your sewing space.

  9. There's loads of inspiration here. I guess you have lots of choices so you could do whatever you feel like at the time. I love the green and neutrals together, very yummy combo.

  10. love the title of your post! I had a sew/art/knit storm here and I guess I will HAVE to do it all over again today! Lots of fun stuff happening in your corner! Stay warm!

  11. Sewstorm - brilliant!!! that made my whole morning!
    I love all your projects. What size do you need for the baskets? I'll send a email with my quilt. Love those log cabin blocks. do you need more repros?
    You have such a great group of projects to work on.

  12. My problem is I spend so much time dreaming about and planning what I want to do that I never get anything done. I had my daughter make a sign for my sewing room that says "just sew"!
    The Improv book looks interesting. I'll have to check it out.
    Love the thimbles.

  13. "Sewstorm" - that's perfect! :) Wow, lots and lots of fun choices. What did you end up doing? I hope the storm was enough to keep you sewing guilt-free all day!

    I love your antique blocks, and well, all your choices! They all look so great and lots of fun.

    Thanks for the info about the improv book. It's now on my Wish List!

    Happy New Year to you Kelly! I hope it's a super year for you.

  14. Ohh There is so much eye candy to look at in this post. I love all your projects!! I bet that improv book will inspire even more wonderful creations.

  15. What a lot of fun, hope you stayed warm.


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