Friday, January 24, 2014

Never Ever Say Never...

Once upon a time I used to do cross stitch. It is just as bad as quilting as far as the amount of cute things that there are to make. I did very elaborate time consuming pieces. It was when my children were small and quilting took a back seat. It was easy to pick up and put down and could be done anywhere.
Once I got back into quilting, I put my cross stitch away, I was never doing it again. I couldn't be swayed by all those wonderful patterns that were tucked into the Blackbird Designs quilt books, or at least I thought so....
I am limiting myself to a few projects, I am not going to get sucked in, so I tell myself. I. Do. Not. Need. Another. Hobby. Oh and the projects are small.

I got a start on the Valentine pillowcases for the grandchildren. These are for Maddy who is 6 and has bunk beds. The top one is pink, which is the edge of the pillow, the bottom is purple.

Captain America for Elliot.

The Incredible Hulk for Griffin.
Fallon's is on the machine so I will show it later on this week.

I found this magazine and thought I would give it a peruse. I love magazines, perfect reading material for those night I am too tired to read my book.
Snow for us again the is weekend, this is turning into a very long winter!
Have a good weekend.



  1. I seem to be seeing cross stitch everywhere at the moment. I used to do them when I was younger too but so far I'm resisting. I just know yours will be beautiful!!! The pillow covers are so fun, they will be a hit with your grandchildren. That looks like a great magazine, enjoying flipping through its pages.

  2. Yippee it's the weekend and the temperatures are rising! DARN SNOW!! I just want to know, who ticked off Mother Nature? Two years ago I too decided to try cross-stitch again. After accumulating a number of projects, I made the decision that my eyes are just not worthy anymore. Still plan on someday finishing the one I started 30 years ago, but last month I gathered up half of the items and threw them at a friend. Life's too short. Good luck!

  3. Great fabrics for the pillow cases.
    Love the cross stitch. Look out - I think you are already hooked again!
    And with all that snow you need something while you are stuck inside.

  4. I have done lots ofcross stitch in the past...before I learned to quilt. I do still do some stitching but usually small pieces. I have two in progress now but they do not get worked on very often. I need to remember to only do small projects so they get finished.
    Love the pillowcases. I have halloween and Christmas fabric to do some from my DD and room mate. My "plan" was to make them some for each season/holiday and send them for Christmas this year. I like the fun pillowcases myself. LOL
    Another artic blast headed here and it is snowing again right now. I am over the winter thing for this year.

  5. I am done gloating. I think you have had enough, but any doubts I have had about heading South are gone.

  6. I think some women just have to have needle and fabric in hand. I know I do! Quilting has gotten so expensive so maybe back to cross stitch? Might be time for me to dig out that old box...nah!

  7. My counted cross stitch story is similar to yours, but in my case, I actually owned a counted cross stitch shop for several years! I sold it in 1984 and took up quilting in a big way. Gave away almost all of the dozens of ccs pieces I'd made, sold saved books and UFOs (kept all the DMC floss) and thought never again. Now I'm ccs ing a palm tree. Sigh.

    I KNEW you're a wonderful grandma... you've started those pillowcases already!

  8. looks like you have plenty to keep yourself occupied this weekend. I also started cross stitch before my entrance into the quilting world (though I already sewed)... haven't touched the stuff since!

  9. I never gave up cross stitch entirely, but I slowed down a lot when I started quilting 6 years ago. I've been trying to cross stitch in the evenings now, so I can sit with my husband instead of running off to quilt as soon as dinner is done.

  10. I used to cross-stitch too. One piece of a little boy in blue footed jammies going up the steps with his puppy still hangs in my foyer, it's on linen and I still love it. I have all my floss and kept a few books "just in case" but I haven't cross-stitched in years.
    I love the idea of pillowcases for Valentine's Day gifts. I noticed that you top-stitched yours and I just love the way it looks finished. You do have the touch!

  11. I've been cross stitching the same sampler for over 10 years - maybe over 15 lol!
    The pillow cases are so cute - I love Maddy's and the comics for the boys are perfect.
    You are such a fun grandma!


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