Monday, December 2, 2013

Gray Monday Morning

In keeping with my gray Monday I am going to be a little self indulgent. I am hard pressed to believe this picture was taken 48 years ago.

I found this picture a while back and when I went to take it off the sticky backed paper, it ripped in half! I was so sad. I came across it again and took it to a man who restored it for me.It is amazing how original it looks.

This is me in the middle, looking so holy.

I have gotten back to my Farmer's Wife blocks, they are so enjoyable to make. I am up to 20 with a lot more to go but I am learning to take my time. Which leads me to this......

book that was our book club pick for this month. I had the hardest time getting into it but am glad I stuck with it. Overall I am a fast reader. This book forced me to slow down and really read each word. The story was a bitter sweet one with lots of symbolism. I think I would give it 3 stars.



  1. What a photo! You look very sweet with a hint of cheek... The blocks are yummy. I read that book ages ago and enjoyed it. Very different sensibility from North American or British authors. What is next on your club's list?

  2. Ahhh. You look angelic, with maybe a hint of trouble in there. LOL They did not take a group picture of us at First Communion. there is a picture of my cousin and I in our 'holy clothes'.
    I will have to look at my Farmers Wife book again. Your adorable blocks are making me want to do blocks from the book.

  3. Such a cute photo of you! I'm glad you were able to get a retstored version of it. Your Farmers Wives Blocks are really looking wonderful. I love the fabrics you are using. I'm impressed you are up to 20 blocks already!! That book sounds interesting, I was going to look at the library for a copy.

  4. Love the trip down memory lane.
    Great to see the blocks steadily growing.
    I found the same with this book - hard to get started but worth it in the end.

  5. great photo save! I have a great photo of my maternal grandmothers first Holy Communion from the early 1900s.
    Your blocks are great!
    I'm glad you liked the book in the end.

  6. How funny ~ I was just looking for my First Communion photo last week ~ with no luck. Pretty sure it's around here somewhere!
    Your blocks are so charming. And I loved that book!

  7. Oh, how fortunate you are to have those photos of your First Holy Communion! I have one when we were in line to process into the church and that is it. Mine was about 1960. Such beautiful blocks. That quilt is on my to do list! And it's a long list!

  8. Don't you look so sweet!! Those photo restorers are very clever. Blocks are gorgeous. That book is on our book club list for next year - thanks for the preview, I shall look forward to reading it.

  9. You do look especially holy in that picture. So sweet, especially that angelic smile. I presume this was a Catholic confirmation, yes? Lutherans are confirmed at age 15, as I was, and we didn't wear a veil. Good for you to stick with those FW blocks. They're looking good. Appreciate the book tip too. I looked it up and can get it, but not as an audiobook... which is most often how I "read" these days. Love getting good book tips though, whenever you have one.


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