Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday, Friday, Friday!

I have been on a roll with the Farmer's Wife blocks. They are challenging but that is why I am doing it, to get better at piecing.

This one took forever, 37 pieces in a 6" block! It is in no way perfect but hey that's what sashing is for, right? The point is to get better as I go along......we will see.

If you look closely at this one there are way too many weird triangles to try and piece this in any way that it is going to come out flat. So I went back and looked at Carla's blog to see how she handled it.

Paper pieced! that Carla is one smart cookie! It took a little bit of time to draft the blocks but no more than it would have been to try and make it.

I finished these blocks on my get away at the Poconos.

I have 2 rows sewed together so far. It is taking forever because I waited to iron them so the seams would work together after I decided the layout.

I love vintage cook books especially from the 1960's. This one is great! Lynne L you need this one in your collection.

My husband loves anything with apples in it. So I gave this a try. Great idea, one basic recipe with many variations.

Before I baked it.

It also has some recipes I have never heard of before......the stuffed beef heart almost made me gag.

This cracked me up! Especially because I am always worried about my family's morale! Oh my we have come a long, long way!



  1. Lovely FW blocks--but all those pieces is why I gave my book away!! (LOL) I think it is amazing that you will do them all....hugs, Julierose

  2. That last bit made me smile. Sit down and relax. That I can do.
    Your blocks are looking so cute. I love the colors you chose. I also love your HST quilt.
    Happy stitching

  3. What a temptress. I love to make tiny blocks with lots of pieces. And I love recipe made with apples. And. Your piecing looks picture perfect to me. Go Girl

  4. Your blocks are a party of fabulous colours!! All those points look perfect to me! I love your HST quilt too, it looks like you'll be busy ironing for a while. Your BettyCrocker book is fabulous. And how wise is the Refresh Your Spirits part. I think I'll print that out and stick it on my notice board.

  5. Oh, how fun your quilt is going to be! Yes, paper piecing is the way to go on many of the blocks. There is a source for the paper-pieced patterns if you join the Yahoo Group for the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along like I did. Sometimes i did strip quilting if I knew of a good way to make the pieces and a few times I used the templates. I always printed out the templates though which helped in measurements. Oh,and BTW, are there any good recipes for tongue in that book?? LOL

  6. Love your quilts and your color combinations! So cheery!
    Your cookbook is great! I love the Refresh Your Spirits part! I have one from 1898 that belonged to my great aunt, and it is hard to read many recipes without gagging. I will spare you the details, but there is one for Dressed Calf's Head that tells you exactly how to split it, remove the differnent parts, and then season and cook it. At the end it says to 'serve one-half at a time, garnished with parsley, slices of lemon and the brains around the dish. Sheeps head may be served in the same way, and is very nice.' Then there are several recipes for birds like, woodcocks, snipes and plovers, with and without entrails....ugh! They start with a whole bird and tell you how to clean it and what to do with each part. Instructive, but graphic and might make a vegetarian of you. After the recipe for roasted rail and reed birds it says, 'All small birds, such as larks, robins, blackbirds, and sparrows, may be cooked in the same manner.' I can't believe they ate them! The recipe for Blackbird Pie says 'blackbird pie may be made the same as Pigeon Pie, using one dozen blackbirds instead of four pigeons'. You don't want to know how they make Pigeon Pie! Also, the birds are either roasted on a spit 'before a clear fire' or baked in a 'quick oven'. You couldn't just set the temp to 350 and push start. I am sooooo thankful for grocery stores and modern appliances!

  7. It's a dreary morning here in Ohio but your bright blocks on the screen are brightening up the room! I have a big bag of apples ~ may just have to try that coffee cake. After I sit down, close my eyes and relax, of course!

  8. What a cheery post! Love the fabrics in your FW blocks, and I love-love your triangle blocks! Such a simple design, but so effective with the wonderful colors you chose. Thanks for the smiles in that old cookbook. Can't wait to see your post about the stuffed beef heart! Yick.

  9. Your blocks are beautiful! Your palate is so fresh.

  10. I have that cookbook! It was my moms - still has the best apple pie recipe! I love the line drawings so kitchy.
    Love your HST blocks.
    My friend Susan loves your FW blocks and I'm sending her my book so she can start one too!
    I too have been trying to improve my piecing. All I can say is Starch, starch starch....

  11. You never cease to AMAZE sis!!! (That coffee cake is mouth watering too) XO Davo

  12. You never cease to AMAZE sis!!! (That coffee cake is mouth watering too) XO Davo

  13. It's almost midnight.. I couldn't sleep and decided to get back on the computer only to find this fabulous post! Love the last picture. Yes, comb your hair, put some make up on.. Cheer everyone up.. hahaha We definitely have come a long way from there.
    I love your hst quilt. So fresh and fun. Still staying away from FW but love seeing your progress. Apple and cinnamon say fall to me. Love how the house smells when I back anything with those two.

  14. Am blown away by your Farmer's Wife blocks!!! They are fantastic in every way I started and aborted the mission... Love the half triangle prints too...


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