Friday, July 12, 2013

Everything Old Is New Again

As I was digging through some feed sacks I have been hoarding, I came across this one. It looked so familiar!

That's because it matched this new fabric that I had pulled out for my current project. It is a Moda from the line Happy-Go-Lucky.

These are 2 more feed sacks that will also be finding there way into the next quilt. Don't they look very modern? Even the colors are right. I must keep my eye out for some more.

These are 2 blocks of the next one I am working on. I am going to control the palette a bit. I usually like to throw everything in there.

I think I am going to edit out the yellow.

Just to round out our color tour today, these are absolutely beautiful this year. Last year they were pink and this year they are a gorgeous purple. I am not a huge fan of purple but I love it in nature. The picture does not do it justice.



  1. Love those feed sack prints. I have a stack of them, but can't get the nerve to cut into them. Maybe I need to follow your lead.
    Also, love those purple hydrangeas. Great photos for an art quilt design. ;-)

  2. It's interesting to see how closely that fabric pattern has been reproduced. Your new quilt is going to be a beauty in those fun fabrics. Beautiful Hydrangeas, you are so right about purple being lovely in the garden.

  3. What fun happy fabrics and so cool that the old go so well with the new! A happy quilt in the making!

  4. My pink Hydrangeas were slowly turning purple also but now that we lost all the pine trees when Sandy hit I guess they will be pink again next year.
    Great feed sacks. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  5. Great finds. I like the way the blocks are turning out.
    Love the hydrangeas, too.

  6. You're right about the "everything old..." and those gorgeous hydrangeas. Just saw a picture on Instagram with the comment that scrunchies are back in style again. We can't throw anything away, it seems.

  7. That is amazing! Your feedsacks are so cute...I love the little blue (crowns?).

  8. that hydrangea is gorgeous!! I miss my garden so it's nice to see some of yours - more please!!
    your 30s project is a great one for summer, cool and crisp. who is it for?


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