Monday, July 15, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things

I was sewing a bit this morning and was trying to think of something to post. As I looked around I decided not only does my sewing room need a good cleaning but I have some cool tools too.
I bought this sewing machine for $25 and it is turquoise which is icing on the cake for me. It never fails every time my machine is in to get serviced I want to sew in the worst way. I may use this for workshops and retreats.

I have been squaring up my HST. You know those little bitty pieces that are hard to brush off the mat?

Yes, there is a tool for that! I bought this at a quilt show for $1. Best dollar I ever spent. I know you can use a piece of batting but this is always handy and works very well.

This is a new purchase. It is a larger size version of the Clover clips that are red. LOVE them but they are expensive.

I always have problems piecing, I am not very accurate. Pinning makes me even more so. I read in a book by Gwen Marston that she only uses silk pins because they are so thin. So I got some and they are a dream to work with. I am in the process of using up all those flower head pins that are like using a knitting needle. Even the thin ones are not as nice as the silk.

I have had this for years and use it all the time.

One of the things in the back is a Ruby Beholder. This is an invaluable tool, especially for people like me who have a tendency to use values that are too similar.

It really does take the guess work out of finding out if there is enough contrast.

I was in an online Low Volume swap this past spring and am using these in my current HST project. It is a great way to get a variety of fabrics.
What are some of your favorite tools?



  1. nice! did I speed read and miss if you found your 6 1/2" square or did you need to buy another before you found it?

  2. I love that machine. The color is just so pretty.
    I love my long tweezers that are painted. I use them for applique all the time. I also really like my giant clothespin that can hold patterns or notes to myself. (cause I am always losing that stuff).

  3. This was the first machine that I bought myself. It was in a pawn shop for $35. It didn't sew very well and back then I didn't know anything about how they worked. I've been on the lookout for a few years to add this little gem to my collection. Thanks for the memories.
    Great tools.

  4. Love your studio tour-o-tools today, so fun! Your awesome aqua machine looks like the ones we had in home eq class in the 70's. My favorite tools? Hmmm,haven't tried silk pins, but I love my glass head pins - they don't melt if you touch them with the iron! Love my design wall, my leather thimble with the little metal tip inside, a sharp blade in my rotary cutter - and I love my sewing machine. It's a New Home Memory Craft from about 1988. I love it.

  5. This is a nice post about notions, and it seems we use the same items, but in different brands. Ruby Beholder; Wonder Clips (maybe not as expensive if purchased online through J Hittle; fine flower head pins. Your aqua sewing machine is so pretty! And it may come in very handy as a back-up. My Bernina Aurora has been in the sewing machine technician's shop for two whole weeks now, and I'm trying to get by on only FMQing on my Pfaff. Well, I do have an old machine I could pull out for piecing but I keep thinking the sewing machine fella will call any day.

  6. this was a fun post! never thought of batting instead of buying those lint rollers
    I have to give this a try!
    I love silk pins too use them for pinning all the time, they slide into the fabric
    I do use the flower pins for pinning things to my design wall thats it!


  7. Great post! Love this, and found some new tools I didn't know (the $1 mat cleaner is awesome!). Right now, my favorite tool is my friction pen :)
    Which I think you told me about if memory serves me right!

  8. Great ideas and photos. I adore that turquoise machine. Looking forward to seeing more of those HST blocks.

  9. I love my silk pins and my Featherweight. I also have one of those magnetic dishes that auto mechanics use to hold small parts to hold my pins.

  10. What a fun post! My favorite tools include my Dritz brand rotary cutter, 6.5in. and 9 in. square rulers and Fons&Porter seam ripper. I also have a large 20.5 inch square ruler that I use often! I like those silk pins too...but, boy, are they sharp!

  11. I saw a very cool used sewing machine today that you would love. It was a turquoise Hello Kitty machine.

  12. Oh I nearly missed this post, I'm glad I didn't because it so full of fun fabulous tools. I've been thinking I need to get my 60's Bernina out for a fun, seeing your fabulous aqua machine is a sign that I should. I think I need a red ruby thingy, I wonder about my contrast. I use extra thin pins too, and you're right they make flower head pins seem like knitting needles. I'm not sure what my favourite tool is at the moment... probably my computer because I get to read your fabulous post!

  13. hands down, my featherweight.


  14. Oh that's a good reminder to get the Ruby Beholder. I just heard about it somewhere. It's similar to what oils painters have used waaaaaaaay back when.
    great idea!
    Threadpainter in Canada

  15. I always love seeing someone's favorite tools. Thanks for sharing! Love the color of your sewing machine too.


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