Monday, March 25, 2013

Pink and Green

Next month is the Penn Oaks Challenge. The theme is Where You Live and the rule is you must include a Kaffe pink with green polka dot fabric that we provided. It can be anything your little heart desires, where you actually live, where you would like to live (the beach), a fantasy home, I think you get the idea.
My friend Suzanne and I are in charge and one of the things we need to do is come up with some winner ribbons. In the past some of the ribbons have been amazing.

I found a tutorial on Spun Cotton Ornament and made 4, 2 pink and 2 green rosettes. While they are not perfect I think they feel a little like an old fashioned ribbon.

Our categories are--- Best Interpretation, Best Workmanship, Best Use of Challenge Fabric and Viewer's Choice.

They have long flowing tails and a little loop in the back to hang them up after the contest.

All of the blocks of the wedding quilt are complete (48). Now they just need to be put together and have some borders added and off to the quilter. I really am looking forward to checking this off the list! The colors look very wedding like.

It is snowing here today. I did not post a picture because trust me no one wants to see snow right about now, can spring be that far away? It sure feels like it!



  1. The ribbons look grat and I really hope we get to see the quilts they get attached to, it sounds like a fun challenge.
    Great going on the wedding quilt, the colours look like Easter to me.

  2. The ribbons are pretty. The quilt blocks are so soft and beautiful.

    Snow here today too, but it did not stick. Come on spring!

  3. Lovely rosettes. Glad to hear you have all the blocks done now. It's autumn here but the days are all 93°F plus!

  4. what great ribbons. I hope we can see the challenge quilts.
    The wedding quilt blocks are lovely and the stack is growing!

  5. What a fun challenge! The ribbons are like horse show ones. I look forward to seeing the quilts attached...

  6. great ribbons, sounds like a fun challenge.
    we are so lucky the snow passed us by!
    no snow this am, I am so happy!

  7. Indeed! The ribbons are pretty. The quilt blocks are so soft and beautiful.

  8. I love the long dangly tails on your pretty ribbons. The winners will be so happy to win them!! The competition theme is really fun too. I'm looking forward to seeing your wedding quilt, it looks so dreamy!


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