Thursday, March 14, 2013

In the evenings I like to sit and applique or sew on a binding. Things are always falling down in between the couch cushions. I had a really cool pink ruler and asked my husband if he could make me a little box to hold all my accouterments. I love it! It is 4 x 7, not too small and not too big.

The ruler was from Morgantown which is nearby so I had him "fussy cut" the name out. It took him about 5 minutes to make it. 

My husband Bob, is a building contractor and has lots of tools. In a way sewing and carpentry are very similar.......This is his workshop.

Lots of scraps......

Lots of hand tools....

Some good storage ideas.......I told him I needed one of these too.

A stash.........

Interesting storage containers.....

Precuts! I could not resist that one....

More hammers than he could use at once.......I am so not judging!

Creative storage......

Maybe that is why he gets my whole quilting thing? The other day he told me the next box he makes he would do a little differently, mitering the corners. Oh and by the way he bought some Omnigrid rulers to use when he is drafting plans. He said the 1/4' is perfect for what he needs. See quilting/carpentry, they are so alike!



  1. so funny, and I have often thought how alike these are.
    Loved the tour of his shop (studio) -
    what a cute box he made for you, lucky you!!
    You must have gorgeous trim in your house.

  2. What a nice peek into Bob's world!
    Kavita calls him "Bob, The Builder". I see he is quite crafty too.
    I wonder if you two swapped your crafts what kind of art would happen? Hmmm...

  3. Great little design and it turned out perfect. Kudos!

  4. That little ruler box is so very cute. And handy too.
    Love the tour of his shop. Especially the precuts LOL

  5. Thanks for the tour! Completely agree about the parallels between quilting and carpentry. Renovating our house, I've become a decent trim carp because of my sewing skills. After all, all wood and fabric are both fibers. Love the box!

  6. You are SO fortunate to have a handy husband! What I wouldn't give... You make it sound like a snap for him to put together that box (which is so darned cool, by the way) whereas if I asked for something like that, it would take a week or more of anxiety to put it together. No tools for my fella, but I'll have to say that he's a whiz in the kitchen. He can cook about anything, so I get the best food ever, and never go to a restaurant because he make it so much better. We pick guys 'cause we love them, right? And then are blessed to find they have a skill. Thanks for sharing your husband's talents with us!

  7. Thank you, this explains why I like tools so much! My husband always looks at me crazy when I want to go to Sears or Home Depot and get some tool I heard about for a project I have in mind.

    Love the ruler box -- what a cute idea! Hmmm, an excuse to try the mitering angle on my circular saw or buy the miter box I always wanted......

  8. Ooo, I love it! Bob does great work.

  9. oh my gosh! I covet that box!!!! My 2 best friends were from Morgantown all my life. We went to the same church in Muhlenberg and I was at their house all the time in Morgantown.

  10. What a great post!!! I love the precuts! Your box is gorgeous and such a clever idea!! Be aware of needles and pins fall down couches, I had a friend who recently got a pin stuck so deeply in her leg from the couch, she had to hospital to have it removed. I'm a lot more careful now.

  11. You post is very funny! I read it out loud to my husband, he thougt it was funny too;) And you are right: lots of similarity. Love the tray-thing.I'm afraid I would have to make one myself.My Rob is more into computers..comes in handy too.


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