Monday, November 12, 2012

Suzie Strikes Again

This weekend I was in a cleaning mood. Truthfully my bedroom needed some attention and after a while I get cranky when things are a mess. This is where I keep all my quilting books and magazines. I was running out of room to put things in here so now they were piling up on the dresser. Who wants to dust when you have to move around 100 lbs of books and magazines?

I read an organizing book that said in order to really get organized you need to pull out everything and then put back only the things you really want. This is the start and it took me all day Saturday to do it. BUT I was able to go through my books and see what was totally outdated or not to my taste any more and make room for the things I really like. It is freeing try it.

Here you go, look at all the room I have now! The books are even organized in a sort of random way. The top shelf are books that I like but don't necessarily look at often, the second and third are books I look at a lot, fourth applique and fifth scrap or technique books. The bottom shelf holds miscellaneous books that don't fit a category or the shelf!

So why stop now?  I cleaned out all the dresser drawers and found $46. You can find things you totally forgot about too.

A prom picture of me and my now husband, Bob circa 1975. Don't you love the tux and that lovely brown paneling? Oh how vintage.

My 2 oldest sons' graduation pictures...circa 1995 and 1996.

Cards from my first communion.... circa 1964.
One of my best finds was a hand written letter from my grandmother written to me right after my first son was born in 1976. I am so glad and it brought back a lot of good memories.  Maybe I should send a few less emails and a few more hand written notes?
Next I am tackling my closet, I wonder what is in there?


  1. Seems more like you were on a treasure hunt than cleaning up! ;-)

  2. Great job! It is freeing to get organized and getting rid of unneeded things. Keep going as long as you can!

  3. I know the feeling of cleaning out stuff! It feels great once it is done and you're right, you never know what you'll discover. Your bookshelf looks great now! Hmm, I should do some more of that!

  4. oh what treasures! hmmm finding money how fun is that! I know what you mean I get very cranky when things get too out of hand in my sewing room, lose the quilting interest.
    Its funny I can keep the rest of the house in order but the sewing room and fabric closets just get too messy too fast!

  5. Que beleza ver tudo organizado,adoro quando consigo...Faça um sorteio do que você não ,livros e revistas são bem vindos para cá.Só sugestão...

  6. You did get a lot done! My problem with finding things while organizing, I just sit there and think about the good old days once transported back into it. And the cleaning takes that much longer!

    Oh those pictures are so precious! You both look so sweet and classy.

  7. wow - good for you! Loved seeing your vintage photos and cards - The paneling really brought back memories of rec-rooms i've spent good time in h.s. circa 1977 - good times!

  8. You are a cleaning fool! I'm glad you enjoy it and you wer rewarded with soem treasures Are you sure you weren't a Mom in the 50's?

  9. This was obviously a very worthwhile activity. Now you are better organised and and wealthier! :)

  10. Your cupboard looks so tidy! I love the rewards you found, those photos are classics, and it would have been so special to find a letter from your grandmother.

  11. Good for you to start the big project of purging and organizing. Believe me, I know how difficult it is! Before moving, I parted with 87 quilting and sewing books, among dozens and dozens of other "important" items. I'm SO, SO glad I took the time to do it 'cause now I just feel unburdened. It's a great feeling that I'm sure you'll enjoy too. Keep up the great work!

  12. I cleaned out my sewing room this year when I had to move it all to get it painted. It was a lot of work, but worth it. Stuff collects in there really fast.


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