Thursday, November 15, 2012


Tuesday night my husband, daughter, future son in law and I went to a food tasting for my daughter's wedding. It was a very nice evening and the food was out of this world good.

The presentation of the appetizers was so nice, not what I expected...

This is the salad we picked, isn't it pretty? No bagged salad in a wood like plastic bowl!

Mahi Mahi


The main course was also delicious, sometimes they look good but don't taste good..overall it was a fabulous experience. I thought we would get little small tastes not complete meals!
This was our view from our table. The chef cooked our food and brought it out to us and asked us what we did and didn't like.....we liked it all. Don't you love the blue floor?
On a very sad note did you hear there may never be another Twinkie made? That is the stuff of my childhood. Every kid had a Twinkie in the lunch box at some time in their elementary school life. What will we do without that lovely yellow sponge cake and creamy filling that never went bad, ever?
It makes me want to run out and buy a box......


  1. yes, I'm always hungry!!
    as a foodie, this is my idea of heaven!!
    i agree about the twinkies, might have buy a few boxes as Christmas gifts, or maybe stocking stuffers, lol!

  2. Oh my goodness, it all looks fabulous! you all must have waddled out of there, lol - I heard the news about Twinkies on my way to work today, an American icon!

  3. Wow, weddings have certainly gotten fancy, haven't they? I remember the days when the cake was the main food! The presentation of those courses was gorgeous!
    Since Twinkies never go bad, just stockpile a bunch and keep them in your pantry!

  4. that made me laugh yes I might have to buy a box of twinkies too!
    the food looks beautiful so glad it tasted good too
    what a fun experience this must have been

  5. Oh that menu looks so good!! It's great you were able to do a tasting and that everything was delicious. Growing up in Australia we would read comics from the US that had ads for twinkies and I used to wonder what they tasted like. I don't think they ever came to Australia.

  6. What a great idea! This way you know what your guests are being served and you can be comfortable because the quality is good!

  7. Kelly,
    That looks like plates out of the Iron Chef competition. So pretty!
    I missed out on growing up with Twinkies in my childhood :(
    And in 27 years of living here never tried it too. I guess I will never know!

  8. The food looks amazing, glad to hear it tasted good too. It doesdn't always taste as good as it looks.
    I was listening to the radio today while I was running around and a man called in to the station telling about getting to the Hostess outlet store early to wait to get Twinkies. He got a bunch. LOL
    I know Twinkies are an icon and I liked them, but Suzie-Qs were my favorite.

  9. Kelly, what a thrill this was for me! The presentations are just amazing and everything looks so delicious! The mahi-mahi makes my mouth water.
    While the Hostess institution is truly upsetting, I'd rather eat the other plates - hahaha!
    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!


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