Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Never Would Have Survived As A Pioneer!

This picture sums me up.......after just one day of no power I was getting grumpy. That being said, I feel so bad for all the people who have real tragedy. I have not see any pictures but I have heard Stone Harbor, our favorite New Jersey Beach took a beating.

The candles were nice for a while but it is hard to read by candle light. No wonder everyone went to bed early 100 years ago! We did too Monday night.

We were prepared. My husband has not 1, but 2 generators. One was being used to keep a son's sump pump going and ours broke the morning he tried to to turn it on. Thank goodness Wawa was open so there was coffee.

Faced with the idea that we might be days without power and no generator I decided to cook some food from the freezer. We have a gas stove (hurray!)  so I could at least eat something good while I was stranded in the house.

In all this craziness Halloween was not to be missed! Yes you are seeing the Jolly Green Giant and Michael Jackson in the same room!



  1. Our prayers are with you all! It's not easy when your life has been disrupted. I hope the power is on very soon! I'm glad you still have shelter and can still do things, like Halloween, to maintain a sense of normalcy!

  2. I pray you will have power very soon. Yes, the New Jersey coast took a real battering from what we saw on the news tonight!

  3. I'm sure sorry to know what you're dealing with. It's at times like this that we appreciate what (electricity) we take for granted. I wouldn't have been a good pioneer. Hope your power outage doesn't continue much longer.

  4. Thank goodness you have gas cooking . I've been amazed how ladies would sew by candlelight in the past. Your candles do look pretty. Great to see those fun Halloween costumes! The green giant is really fun!! I hope it's all back to normal soon for you.

  5. I am trying to catch up... hope all is back to normal for you.

  6. Great bog about so much and such insight. Love your new quote!

  7. I actually liked being a pioneer woman for a few days - but a week was too long!
    We had some funny meals too.
    Loved the Halloween costumes! so fun


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