Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Found Postcard

Today as I looked for a note card to write a thank you, I found this post card. It was made by my friend, Cynthia who lives in Arkansas. She is a very talented quilter and her color selections are the best. We all miss her a lot since she moved away, she was a great inspiration and always shared everything. Miss you Cynthia!

This is a picture of part of my back yard. I feel like I missed summer this year as I was in the house for most of it. I am trying to enjoy autumn but it is not the same this year.

I was happy to discover this today. If you have never grown a nasturtium, plan on doing it next year. The seeds are big and easy to sow and grow. The plants need no real care and they bloom until frost. The other added benefit is you can eat the flowers and the leaves. The flowers make a nice garnish also.

The zinnias are looking a little rat-a-tat-tat.......

but I did find this one.

We are scrounging the last of the tomatoes, they are still delicious!

I was surprised to find this, we have had a frost. When I went to pick it, it was squishy!

I also came across these which I really want to finish up. I am having a problem focusing in on one project.....maybe that is a good thing?


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  1. Kelly, I pulled out my zinnias this past weekend too! it was time! I still need to dig up my dahlias!
    Beautiful backyard shot!


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