Wednesday, April 6, 2022

April Showers Kind of Day


I've been away a long time and don't have much to show for it. I finally got the rows of this quilt sewn together but have to get it finished. For goodness sakes its 95% done! I will not be quilting it, my friends Carolyn and Jamie will be asked to perform the magic. The patterns are by Lori Holt from Bee In My Bonnet and it was a sew along last summer. I love the blocks but was tired of them once they were done. Now I am excited to have it be a quilt.

I also kept up and finished my block of the month, Anna's Baskets by Laundry Basket Quilts. I need to get my back ready to have this one quilted too. I'll show you a better picture when it is completely done!

So I feel like I have fallen off the sewing path......I made this adorable project bag.....

that has this cute little zipper pull charm.......

to hold my cross stitch!

Yes I have wandered back into cross stitch. I did it back in the 1970's and gave it up for quilting. When we were all stuck in the house for what felt like forever, I started watching YouTube videos while I sewed. A lot of people cross over into all different parts of needlework. It is amazing how much different the flosses and the linens are compared to when I was doing it in the '70s. They are gorgeous and hard to resist. I want you to know I held back for a long time!

So I needed some accessories for my new venture!

Like sewing, we use different size needles and need to keep track. These are labeled #24 as you can see in the bottom left corner. I could have written it in pen but why when you can embroider it?

This is a catch all that houses my scissors, needle minder and I use it to keep track of floss that I am using for easy access.

A handy little pocket....

Needle minder and floss.....

 A spot for my scissors.

I have done some charity sewing......

Some fun and easy sewing. I want to have a bunch of fabric strawberries to put in a bowl for decoration. I am making them as I feel like it. Some of these are waiting to have the leaves stitched down. I got this cute shaker sewing box at the Lancaster Quilt Show.

This is made with a vintage fabric that I have very little of and I stuffed it with emery.

Strawberry fabric for a strawberry!

These are much bigger and were from a pattern I got from Fig Tree Quilts. I don't love the leaves but they will do for now.

This pouch is next on my list. Who knows what I will put in it! The directions are not great but I think I can figure it out.

I found this old box that is perfect for next to my sewing machine and holds random things I need from time to time. I think it adds personality to my sewing room. 

It seems like my tastes are changing once again. I think for me the past 2 years made me want homey, cozy things. Don't worry I am not giving up on quilting, just changing lanes a bit.



  1. I love your strawberries, especially the one in strawberry fabric. It was also good to hear I'm not the only one falling back into cross stitching. You really made my day knowing I'm not alone!

  2. Yes, I have gotten back into cross stitching also! The fabrics and flosses are so beautiful.

  3. Hi Kelly, I love your two quilt tops! I understand what you mean, I'm working on a quilt along and have lost interest in finishing it. I might just finish and donate it. Pretty antique box for storage, I love stuff like that. Happy stitching and happy spring!

  4. Nothing wrong about changing lanes occasionally. You've done a great job combining x-stitching and sewing.

  5. I like what you're doing! That all-reds quilt is lovely, though I can appreciate how tiring it must have felt to make blocks in this limited color palette. It will be a lovely finish, as will the Anna's Baskets quilt. I think it's just fine to return to what you did in the 1970s. I owned a counted cross-stitch shop, The Stitchery Niche, for a few years in the early 1980s and made hundreds of pieces, mostly framed pictures. That was certainly "a phase" for me! Though I kept all my DMC floss, I haven't felt a desire to return to CCS. But it's okay, right?! Hand-stitching still holds its charm, and I'm find it pleasant to hand stitch with pearl cotton. Keep enjoying creating, and all the other precious things life has to offer!

  6. Sew fun what you are doing. I tried cross stitch in the late 1980's, did a few, bought lots of books with patterns, then decided to switch to quilt making. Making quilts that look like what Grandma made, or even Great Grandma, since I only inherited 2 from family. Slowly making progress, since I'm making for each of his kids (5), grands when they graduate from HS, and same for great grands. Currently on the road to visit most of them. (Hubby is driving!)

  7. Your work is all so lovely. I'm afraid I'm not brave enough to start working in counted cross stitch, but I sure can admire and appreciate the work of those who do. My sister-in-law was very good at it and produced some very lovely work in her day. As for changing lanes, well, I think it keeps your brain flexible. Mine is gardening at the moment, and I know when I return to quilting I will be ready to do great things!

  8. Wonderful projects you have been creating ~ I especially love the baskets quilt & those cute strawberries.

  9. Oh what fun to catch up on your sewing fun. I love those little strawberries and your pouches.
    Cross Stitching is something I did too and I have a very old sampler I'm working on. I need to take it out and look at it again.
    Your two BOM quilts look great. It will nice to have them quilted.

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