Friday, December 12, 2014

We Need A Little Christmas!

Right this very minute! I love that peppy song when I am decorating.
This cookie jar above is one of my most favorite Christmas decorations, no cookies in it though.

I have not sewn a stitch this week. Last weekend I got the house decorated and my shopping done. I had 2 Christmas concerts with the grandchildren, that will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit! Their happy, shining faces singing out so enthusiastically is so much fun to watch.

I feel like I can now relax and enjoy the season and all the festivities. My friend Judie said she decided to get all her shopping done by the 10th, so I followed her lead and it was a great idea!

A big change for us this year, we went with a small, live table top tree that we will plant outside in the spring. I love it!

One of the things I love to put out is all the pictures of the kids/grandkids with Santa Claus. If you look in the center back, my then 21 year old son finally sat on Santa's lap. He screamed bloody murder as a child so we gave up. I told him I was so sad I didn't have one of him, wish granted!

Jan and Cynthia at the Quilt Block gave me this as a gift, isn't it pretty?

Tomorrow I will be having a giveaway that has nothing to do with Christmas.  So come back and see what I am up to.....



  1. For some reason I haven't caught Chrismas fever yet so it's fun to see your decorations, maybe I'll get my ornaments out this weekend. I can just imagine how wonderful the school concerts were. I love that button ball!!

  2. I covet your photo of your son with Santa. Neither of my very shy children would visit Santa--and I've asked for a photo now, but unlike your son, they've refused. Maybe this year I will take my puppy! :) Your little tree is a great idea. With a new puppy I just don't have the energy for the work that a big one (with all those enticing ornaments) would cause me!

  3. Your house looks very festive and welcoming! The table top tree looks wonderful surrounded by all the presents. I think it's a great (and green) plan to plant the tree outdoors come Spring.

  4. I love love your Santa photos - what a great collection.
    I too am done with shopping and as of today shipping too - It's great. Now its baking, more wrapping and enjoying.
    You have great festive decorations and your table top tree is very cute and eco friendly - love the baubles in the bucket!
    I know what tomorrow brings -

  5. Oh, I love that your son got that photo taken for you! How sweet! When I was in high school, my parents had a real pine tree and planted it in the yard. I drove by the old house a while back and it was still there and was huge! Way up over the roof in height. Hope your holiday is happy! XO

  6. Beautiful decorations. Looks like a nice place to have a cup of coffee and some Christmas cookies. I have most of my shopping done and need to follow your lead and get busy wrapping. Love your Santas.

  7. I am impressed that all the Christmas shopping and decorating is done. Your home is looking lovely.

  8. I think once the decorations are done, it seems like Christmas is coming. You have some lovely treasures including the button ball, nice idea!

  9. We had that cookie jar when I was a kid.
    Great memories looking at your.
    Merry Christmas.

  10. Are those little bitty blue arm chairs... For the Christmas Elf? So cute! Ok, about no cookies in the cookie jar. What if I just happened to drop by? Do I need to speak with Bob?

  11. I am feeling it--The Christmas spirit that is! And can you are too--your house wonderful!

  12. Love that button ball and your picture table is great hugs, Julierose

  13. Beautiful decorating!! And how sweet of your son, for posing with Santa!! Merry Christmas!!

  14. Happy Birthday! My birthday is December 13 also. My mom never decorated for Christmas until the day after my birthday. She never combined my birthday with Christmas. Maybe because her birthday was January 3 and she knew it was a bad time for a birthday.


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