Thursday, October 16, 2014

Vintage Goodness

As much as I like modern quilting I also love vintage things. In many ways they feel very modern and cutting edge.

I had these vintage star blocks hanging around for a while and as much as I like them, there was a reason they were blocks and not a quilt. Every block was a different size and not one of them were a square!

notice the cut off point of the blue triangle

That made me love them all the more. It meant I could have a carefree sewing day (once they were squared up) and not worry about matching points or even centers of blocks.

This was the only block with a strong red print, so I put it in the center, otherwise I let them go together with almost no thought.
This is my nod to the modern part, I quilted it with random straight lines, and a nod to the vintage part in that they all are not straight or perfect.

It needed a back that complimented the front. I didn't want to use up a good piece of vintage fabric and found this in my stash, perfect!

I spent way longer than I thought searching for a binding. All along I was planning on a solid probably lightish blue. Nothing solid looked right, they were all too harsh and I wanted it to reflect the fabrics. So out came the vintage stack. This one practically called my name.

I think this is a good match with both the front and the back!

So here is the final product. Runners are the worst to photograph!

I took a leap of faith and threw it in the washer and dryer. I love all the texture and it feels soft, just like an old quilt. I am thinking it has more to do with the fabric than the batting??
I makes me happy to take someone's orphan blocks and turn them into something useful. I also enjoy that vintage vibe they give off and will look forward to putting this on the table.
This little project has given me lots of ideas.....



  1. Oh yum! Gorgeous project. I really love 1930s vintage quilts and fabrics.
    I think you are right, the softness comes from the fabrics. At the moment I am hand quilting a quilt where I used a vintage sheet as the backing. It already feels so soft and cuddly.

  2. I Love that project! I guess I must be "vintage"--as a lot of my points get cut off, too (hah!); am working more slowly and trying to really get a "feel" for matching opposing seams and having good points. When my old Pfaff got sick and I got Helga, I seem to have lost my abilities to do these things. It couldn't just be aging...(or "advancing", as my 95-yr old Mom calls hugs, Julierose

  3. I love the vintage fabrics. Such a soft cuddly appearance. They are also bright and cheerful. They have been put to good use.

  4. This is such a gorgeous table runner, I can see how it would have been so fun to make!! The blocks are so wonderful with their pretty fabrics!! The cut off points add to the interest and charm. I really like the straight line quilting, it adds a great texture.

  5. Vintage is Modern! A tweek here and there is what sets it apart in my mind. What a wonderful runner!!!

  6. Table runners are really hard to photograph! Love yours.:) The vintage really does have a modern vibe these days.

  7. oh I just love this, beautiful, love, love, love the way you quilted it!
    binding choice perfect! very fun runner.
    hope your keeping this one for yourself

  8. I love that you have turned this possible 'ugly duckling' into a pretty and useful table runner! The backing and binding are just perfect!

  9. I adore new quilts that look old. great vintage blocks make new again and then old through washing!
    wonderful! I wish I could feel how soft and old it looks.

  10. I love the vintage look with the modern quilting. And it is so pretty all crinkly and ready to use.

  11. Love it! Great job putting these vintage blocks to good use.

  12. You make the coolest stuff!!!!!!!

  13. Your table runner has a designer look to it. That print for binding is gorgeous! it looks beautiful with straight line quilting.

  14. Wow is that pretty. I love how you use color. And how you can turn vintage into modern. The quilting isa perfect fit for this runner.

  15. The best of both worlds!! Beautifully done, as always!!

  16. Why is it I love everything you do? Then I try to do something similar and it doesn't work? There's a lesson here...

  17. There are reasons why blocks are left as blocks no matter the era. Love what you did with the quilting. Now the star blocks are no longer orphans.

  18. OH! OH! This is just so crazy good!! I think you did a fantastic job in keeping it vintage-ee!



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