Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Monday

On Friday I started a quick project that will hopefully be something we use at our Penn Oaks Quilt show in the spring. It's a fabric bowl that will be used to hold sewing themed cookies.

It's kind of hard to photograph, but I think you get the idea. It is a little more floppy than I like but that's because I ran out of the proper interfacing and just wanted it to be done. I will be making more of these. How fun to come up with fabric combinations. It's one of those projects that takes longer to cut out than to sew.

You can find the pattern at a blog called A Cuppa and A Catch Up.. It is a very simple pattern but the best part is there are lots of ways to customize it. I made a simple straightforward one to see if I get the OK from the quilt show committee before I make any more. The other nice thing about this pattern is, you are given the formula to make them in all different sizes!  These would also make nice gifts or storage for your sewing room, baby shower gifts........ the ideas are endless.

I always loved Janis Joplin (and Mama Cass also) and was surprised when I went into the post office and saw these stamps.

Check out how this looks like a 45 in the jacket. See the faded "edge" of the record, just the way a very well used jacket looked. What a great detail!

I am coveting these stamps and only sending them on special mail. Love the rose colored glasses!

This weekend the Meanix family went to Linvilla Orchards for their fall extravaganza.

Apple slingshots were by far the most favorite of always it became a competition.

Even the little kids loved it.

For $5 you got a bucket of 20 apples to shoot out into the field. We got 4 buckets, if the boys had their way we would still be there! A great way to use up less than perfect apples.

Some silliness too....

We are coming up on almost a year of getting together every month. So far everyone enjoys seeing each other and catching up. As they grow up and schedules fill I hope they will always remember these golden days.



  1. Your fabric bowl is fabulous. Are they those Mimosa fabrics on the outside? The US has the best stamps!! It's always fun to see your family adventures. I can see why the apple sling shot was so popular, its such a fun idea! I can't help but wonder where the apples end up, is there a big pile of exploded apples?

  2. The bowls will be an awesome container for the cookies. I can see why the apple sling shot was everyone's favorite thing. Looks like a lot of fun. These are the special family memory days.

  3. Two things I love--I have the fabric bowl pattern and have made many for gifts. They are perfect for filling with chocolate for a little birthday treat. And Linvilla! I grew up outside of Philly and spent many a happy autumn day at Linvilla with my family. Thanks for the memories! (I'm Barb V's friend...we had lunch together at Oaks this year.)

  4. Fabric bowl with sewing themed cookies? I am in. ;) Very cute.
    I told my hubby that I wanted to go to the pumpkin farm. He rolled his eyes. He is no fun.

  5. We started having weekly family dinners this summer - while our older daughter was here for a month - and it stuck. We take turns hosting. Or planning activities , like the pumpkin farm - we went a week ago. :)

  6. The fabric bowl is pretty coo, I can see tons of uses for them too. You guys had some serious fun when you got together and I would have stayed at the apple sling all day.

  7. What an awesome day out! You know I love a cut out photo board, lol I love the apple slingshot idea. I guess the deer get those apples. Family time is so special what a pretty day.
    The bucket is really cute! I want to make a few of these - thanks for the link.

  8. Great baskets...much like the one you made me years ago. I need to start thinking (sewing) projects other that quilts...a whole new field of endeavor...great gifts. Keep inspiring me! Cool stamps. Nice day with family. Do you now have a sling shot at Hawk Hill?

  9. Well the basket is darn cute! I have had them on my (bucket) list for awhile but never seem to get there! Looks like a fun-fall day with the family!

  10. I've never heard of the apple sling.....looks like fun! It is so great that your fam has the monthly get-to-gethers...I bet your heart is just so full every time.


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