Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn Days

I love to pick flowers from my yard and bring them in the house. These are zinnias (red and orange), red polka dot flowers, some maple leaves, goldenrod, red gerbera daisies and bittersweet. They just make me happy when I walk into the kitchen, I am still waiting for the bittersweet to open.

How is this for a wild vintage block. what was she thinking? Maybe that's why there is only one....

It is amazing how vibrant the colors still are....again maybe because they got shoved into a closet and never saw the light of day!!!

I like these 2 prints and could definitely see them made in today's colors.

I have a large pile of vintage blocks that one day will become something.

The Dolly Quilt is done, the purple binding won. Oops there is a shadow I didn't see....

My sister in law's, sister had a Silpada party last week. I loved the shapes on this necklace and was happy to buy it.
I guess it is official, my Christmas shopping has started!



  1. Oh I love those vintage blocks--and the wild colors. Neat necklace--hugs, Julierose

  2. You get a free trip to the naughty corner for mentioning the C word before November.

    Other than that - your dolly quilt is one gorgeous finish .

    Love that pile of vintage blocks !

  3. Those vintage blocks are wonderful!! Maybe that star block was too dull to include in a final quilt and there's really an even more bright, wonderffully patterned quilt out there? hee hee. The plaid log cabin is a beauty too!! In fact that pile of vintage blocks looks full of exciting possibilites. You little dolls quilt is so sweet, your swap partner is going to love it!!

  4. Wow that block is out there - but fabulous. I love that she just went for it. Your mini quilt looks fabulous - your partner will love it. That necklace was a good buy too! :)

  5. I love those blocks! But I love bright. You were right the purple binding looks great. Christmas! Good for you! I have one gift purchased and hidden too. Hope I remember where I put it when it comes time to wrap!

  6. Lovely flowers and foliage. Great colours.
    Love seeing the vintage blocks, too.
    And gorgeous dolly quilt.

  7. Well, now I am going to wait in suspense to see what you will be doing with those WILD & CRAZY Blocks ( I am hearing Steve Martin!). Beautiful bouquet and love the necklace. I have collected my share of Silpada over the year too!

  8. pretty autumn bouquet! I've started Christmas shopping too this week.
    your little quilt is so cute.
    wow -that's a lot of vintage blocks!

  9. Fall colors are so warm and inviting. The vintage blocks seem to fit right into modern look. I'm sure it won't be long before you come with a plan for a few of them.

  10. Yes, I whole heartedly agree with you on your flowers. I have brought in a few too!
    As for that first vintage block, she said "to heck with all these tiny pieces!"

    As for the Christmas shopping, yep, best to get started, it'll be here before you know it. Just like that "swap" due date that creeps up on you!!

  11. Love the Dolly quilt. The purple binding is perfect. That is a pile of vintage fabric! Just beautiful. Christmas shopping? Thanks for the reminder.


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