Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

I made this little needle keeper for a friend who recently celebrated a big birthday! I had such a fun time making it and I love the theme as she does ride her bike with her dog in the basket.

I got all the bow ties together today. This is fast becoming a favorite quilt. I had to be careful of all those yellows, they really jump out.

The colors really are this bright even though they are vintage (the bow ties).

These dots are a vintage feedsack fabric. It looks just like a Denyse Schmidt fabric with duller colors. Her fabric is an exact replica of the vintage fabric, even the little flowers are the same.

Amish Farm
Today really felt like a fall day.

Mennonite Farm
I was running low on eggs and decided to take a drive to enjoy the scenery and get my eggs.

I have started making my own mayo.

A fresh egg is a must. The yolk of this egg was practically orange, maybe the chicken was eating marigolds!

Not only did I get 30 eggs but 3 heads of cauliflower, 1 head of cabbage, 6 peaches, 2 zucchini, 2 tomatoes, 3 sweet potatoes, 6 turnips, 2 onions, a large bag of spinach and 3 ears of corn. All for $30! and they are organic. Well worth the trip.



  1. Hi Kelly, your bowties are wonderful. They just make me smile. I love the needle case too. I'm sure your friend will be delighted with it. You have inspired me to have a go at making mayonnaise. Yours looks so creamy and delicious!

  2. I just love that little needlekeeper, Kelly! So adorable; and your bowties are lovely...hugs, Julierose

  3. What a sweet needle case!! No doubt it will become a treasured accessory. Your bow ties are wonderful!! That's a great amount of produce for $30! And you got the bonus of a lovely drive too. How long would your mayo keep for?

  4. What a fun post, Kelly! I really like the needle cute. What will you make with the turnips?

  5. You did have a fun day. The needle keep is darling. I love how the now tie quilt is looking. Now we know where Denyse Schmidt gets her inspiration! I have ever had homemade mayo. How long does it stay fresh?
    Wow $30 for all that, it was a good day!

  6. I really like the bow ties. Fun day in Amish country!

  7. How bountiful the fresh food is. I want to know about those turnips too. I just love the biker and friend!

  8. I love everything in this post : the very pretty needle keep, the vintage fabrics of the Bow Tie quilt top and the Mennonite farm!

  9. what a great post - your bow ties look fabulous -
    what yummy looking produce and so fresh. Great value.
    making mayo? what a great idea, how long does it last? I'm a mid-west miracle whip gal, lol.
    Love your friends needle book. I wish my coco fit in my bike basket :)

  10. The little needle case is so cute. Love your bow ties. It looks even better with them all together.
    That is a lot of yummy looking produce. Home made mayo sounds so good.

  11. Such a great post - I could look at that bowtie quilt all day. Please put some more sweet closeups on future posts, so we can get a good look at every block! All of the other topics are awesome, many of my favorite things, all in one place!

  12. How darling is that needle case? I wonder who that is for, hmmm? She will LOVE it! I love all your embroidery. The bowtie quilt is crazy beautiful! I love it. And you've put me to shame with your homemade mayo - I've never done it so now I really need to. What are your plans for all that gorgeous produce? I love to roast cauliflower - I put foil on a baking tray and cut it into florets, drizzle with olive oil, S&P and Curry powder. Put it in a 400* oven until it's starts browning, turning once.

  13. The needle keeper is delightful and the bow tie quilt is looking great. Love it when it all comes together so well.
    It is the perfect time of year for all that fresh produce. Make the most of it.


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