Friday, September 19, 2014

Random Post

Things are looking bad. I have not even unpacked my stuff from out getaway in the Poconos.

We celebrated Cheryl's 60th birthday. I hope she doesn't kill me for letting that out! It was so nice and she was very touched. There are not 60 candles on that cake, even though it might look like it!

I worked on the paper piecing project and now have 4 blocks complete, they take forever! I am really enjoying the colors, a departure from my normal pallette.
I also completed all my bowtie blocks and will show them to you later this week.

Jane was sewing furiously to get this all together before she left and was successful!

Terry found a snake skin (that had shed) and I brought it home for the grandkids. You know it will be a hit at show and tell.

This was the head, see the eye at the top? I have never seen one this amazing and intact.

One of our quilting friends, Lynne is a finalist for the Pillsbury Cookoff! Her recipe is called Chocolate Hazelnut Toffee Bread Pudding with Candied Bacon. It looks delicious. Congratulations Lynne and I really think you need to get that blog started so we can follow along, one delicious recipe after the other....We look forward to the competition on November 3.  Lynne is also a super nice lady, what a great combination!

I did go to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza. My Dear Diary quilt is hanging in the show, so that was fun to see. I got this book I have been eyeing for some time now. It's super, with great antique quilts.

I also found this adorable little book that I will be giving to my granddaughter.

Perfect timing as she will be getting a new sibling in the spring.
We had quite a discussion about Edyta Sitar at our getaway. Some knew about her and others did not. If you leave a comment, tell me if you know about her or if you have had her as a speaker. I would love to get some feedback.
Don't you love how the fabric in the book is her actual fabric? Nice touch!

I promise to regroup and get back on the blog soon. I missed you all!



  1. love Janes blocks, have wanted to make a quilt like that for a long time
    great books, I saw that exhibit Quilts and colors if you have any favorite quilts in the book let me know I may have a few pictures of it!

  2. I enjoyed your random post! Your books look so nice, and how adorable the last one! Really perfect timing!

  3. Edyta Sitar is my favorite designer... I've seen her on videos (craftsy, fat quarter shop and from quilt market booth interviews) and I think she is an absolute joy to listen to! So much energy and passion for the art and she explains techniques very clearly and in a way that holds your attention. Love her fabrics and designs... while I already have the Handfuls of Scraps book, I haven't purchased Rainbow Nest yet.... thanks for letting us know the actual fabric is used in the book! I "have to" get a copy of it now! lol! ;-) Enjoy your weekend and happy quilting!

  4. My first encounter with Edyta was on The Quilt Show. I recently completed a challenge that she headed. You can see it here plus there is a link to a free show-- I very much enjoyed watching her demonstrate.
    That looks like a wonderful book. Sounds like your retreat was allot of fun!!

  5. Sure like seeing the randomness in your life. Those FPP blocks may be slow-going, but they're really neat! It's also neat that you know a Betty Crocker finalist! Didn't know that contest was still going! And I bet young people have no clue who BC even is! Hope you get unpacked and resettled soon, so you can get back to sewing.

  6. What a lovely time you must have had on retreat. I'm loving your blocks as well as Janes. Awesome find with the snakeskin and big congrats on the baby news too.

  7. I really love your posts! I miss my Lancaster County, and you're a wonderful connection to what will always be home to me.

  8. Fun! I love your random post! Thanks for sharing!

  9. looks like a fun getaway - love the snake skin. I always look for them when I walk with coco at the state park.
    Wow how exciting for Lynne to be a finalist in the bake off - her recipe sounds really delicious.
    I love Edyta's books and patterns,but have never seen her.
    It was great to see you and your quilt was so fun see!

  10. Lots of wonderful randoms!! I fell in love with an Umbrella quilt by Edyta a couple of years ago. her quilts are wonderful and although her fabrics aren't the style I use I always admire them for being beautiful. I didn't know she had created books though, I'll keep an eye out for them.

  11. So much random goodness. Great string quilt. Love your the pp blocks you are working on.
    That snake skin is kind of cool, kind of creepy.
    I love Edyta's designs, and books. See did speak at the guild I used to belong to twice. I saw her once and was sick the other time. I do love hoe she combines all sorts of fabrics together. I really enjoyed hearing her. She always has a crowd around her at market too.

  12. Looks like it was a productive retreat for all. I love your blocks and Jane's string top. Curious to know how kids reacted the snake skin.
    I went to the show today. Your quilt looked gorgeous, happy and fun! One of the few I liked there.
    I knew of Laundry Basket Quilts. That's it!

  13. Great post and nice wrap up to fun events lately. I just know we will get Edyta to come to guild!

  14. I just read this post and was surprised to see myself! How sweet of you! You are amazing - look at it all! The snake skin - yikes!!!!! You are so much braver than I am! I am so beyond sorry that I missed the quilt show and seeing your Diary Quilt again, it really is one of my favorite quilts ever. Each block is just a wonderful work of art. I'm so happy for you all expecting a new grand baby
    I love Edyta's quilts and I signed up for her Craftsy class on Garden of Quilted Possibilities but have not started it yet due to my crazy life right now. Wouldn't it be great to get her as a speaker?!?! We need to suggest that to Sandy.


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