Friday, December 6, 2013


Where is time going? Why does it seem it goes so fast now that I am older? As a child this was the longest time of the year, would December ever be over?
I started this 2 years ago?  I think....not sure though. We were at my friend Sujata's house.When moving things  a few weeks ago, I realized this is almost done. I really love the pattern (Sujata's) but do not like how I set it. It is way too wonky, even for me and it does not lie flat.
All my pictures look very bad today it is raining and feels like night.

I also finished this one up, using a facing instead of a binding. Getting those UFOs done! Two down, how many more to go???

My friend, Cynthia sent this to me for my birthday which is next week. Yes I opened it before the day! I don't think I could have looked at the package for an entire week.

It is so cute and it is tiny, perfect as a party purse. Thank you Cynthia!

I have been decorating and cleaning out my holiday stuff at the same time. I found some of my kids' art and it gave me a chuckle. Colin not only has his name on the front of every piece he made but on a lot of them he wrote "good job". I think we were supposed to think the teacher wrote it? It was clearly in his hand writing!

I have seriously scaled back my decorating from years past.

This year I am taking pictures of what I did as a reference for next year to make it even easier.

Now that the house is decorated, the shopping is done all that is left is the tree. I should be back to a little bit more blogging in the next few weeks. They are even calling for a wintery mix this weekend! Let it snow!



  1. We have a lot of the same type of decorations - no surprise, right?
    It all looks great and festive.
    I have the village to do. I wanted to skip it and my daughter said 'NO" I LOVE IT -
    Great finished UFOs. You've been busy busy
    cute B-day gift!

  2. Your decorations look great! I brought out some of my Christmas quilts and have those up. I will bring up a few other things too, but I am not sure if there will be a tree of not. There really isn't room for one. I will have to ponder that some more.

  3. Can’t believe you have all your shopping done and the house decorated. Your way ahead. Love the fruit.

  4. Laughing at Colin's signatures! I love children's art. The wonky quilt looks great. Finish on!

  5. Good Job!! Lol that is sooo cute!! I've hung my decorations too. Good on you for finishing some UFOs!! They both look wonderful. I like that the first one is a bit wonky, I don't think it matters that it doesn't lay flat, it's suits the style.

  6. I love your Santa cookie jar! No, I covet your Santa cookie jar, I'm sad to say. I love that you saved all your kids' paper school decorations - me too! I masking tape them to a wall in the family room. Merry Christmas!

  7. Hey Kelly, Time does indeed fly by these days. And I never seem to have enough of it.

    There are times in life when flat is over-rated! Luv the scrappy top! Just quilt the dog out of it! :) Beautiful fruit too!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Sewing!

  8. Kids ornaments and crafts in one place! They are such a treasure! Your quilt reminds me of one more of my UFOs I need to address this winter. I like how yours turned out.


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