Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Friends that quilt are some of the best friends to have around. Many years ago I belonged to a bee. In January we met and everyone decided on a theme for their quilt. All the members made a block for your quilt throughout the year. In December we had our Christmas party and gave each other our blocks. My theme was snowman and these are the blocks that were given to me. Sorry for the dark pictures, it is snowing again today!

This one was made by my friend Suzanne. Some of you may remember her quilts from our quilt show. She is an amazing appliquer {is that a word?} and really captured the wind blown hat. You can tell how old this is by that blue background fabric that I chose and gave to them.

This was made by Mryna, who can sew anything and it turns out perfect. I love how daring she was with the purple and green.

The embroidery in this makes it extra special and again adds some unexpected touches.

This one was made by Terry, who I have not seen for a long time. Life goes that way sometimes. Everything except the overalls is made of wool, a cozy snowman! I love how the scarf which is flannel has the little fussy cut nest.

Cynthia made the biggest one in the quilt! She is a prolific quilter with a wonderful color sense who we all miss very much ever since she moved to Arkansas. Hi Cynthia!

Her snowman had a little blush and a flannel scarf.

It was fun to find these blocks that I had put away and forgotten about. I found them when I moved my sewing room. It's one thing not to finish your own UFOs but quite another to let blocks languish that your friends have made for you. I am still surprised to look at these and see the date 2001! It seems like yesterday.
I am not thrilled with the way I set it together but the memories of that time are really what matter.



  1. Those blocks are the cutest!!! I love the way each one has so much personality. It's lovely to hear about your friends who made them.

  2. So nice for you to have such a lovely remembrance quilt. Though our tastes change, the memories of those days won't fade because you have this to recall them. I'm glad for you to have enjoyed this experience. Thankfully, I have too.

  3. Great collection of blocks. Lots of character in those snowies.

  4. Really adorable! Each one so special and unique. Quilty friends are the best.

  5. what fun! I like the setting - a good solution to different sized blocks.
    what a nice friends' memory quilt.
    sewing? what

  6. I love this concept for a friendship/memory quilt. What fun!


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