Friday, October 25, 2013

Stuck in Neutral

Ever since I got back from North Carolina I am having a hard time getting anything done. I unpack right away, I am tired of living out of a suitcase and want my stuff easily accessible once again! I still don't have the binding sewn down on this quilt, hence the clips running all around it.

It started with me cutting the binding all wrong,. Yes I chopped them off so I could not sew them together. Urrgh!

The wings on the bird are from the same piece of fabric and I like the look.

The leaves don't look so blue in real life, I love the stripes!

These started out as lolly pop type flowers. When it was up on the design wall they looked like giant red blobs. I took some scissors and free hand cut them so they would look a little bit more homey.
My husband said their house is mostly red and blue! I think this will work.

I was feeling a little wifey today so I made Bob his favorite cookies, oatmeal raisin. This will make him happy when he walks through the door.

How is this for cute? I got some plans for it, now I just need to kick myself into gear!

Statistics on the bird quilt:

Background is quilted with random straight lines first. I used Aurifil and set my Bernina on 4 stitch length using my walking foot.

The stems and leaves were fused down next and quilted using a free motion foot.

 The bird and then the flowers were fused down last and quilted using a free motion foot.

Quilt size is 14 x 21

Design is my own.



  1. I just love the bird quilt! Your fabric choices and quilting are perfect.

  2. I love this! It is brilliant.

  3. A wonderful conception and design. What is not to love about it. The recipients will be thrilled. As will Bob when he sees those oatmeal raisin cookies. What a woman!!!

  4. I love those wings! Cookies sound good just about now. Have a good, productive weekend!

  5. The bird quilt is perfect. THanks for the how to. My husband loves those cookies too! Maybe I should spend some time in the kitchen as well!

  6. It does look like you've been productive. Even cookies, wow! I've done the same thing with the binding. You just have to shake your head and sew another piece on.

  7. I like your bird quilt very much. Great choice of fabrics! I especially like your striped leaves and how you turned the stripes different directions. I never would have thought of that. I am sure they will love it! I bet Bob will love his cookies too! Yum!

  8. Love the quilt, especially the red flowers. Good call on that shape. You'll come out of your funk soon. You always do. Maybe we need a Quiltini breakfast?

  9. Love your leaves and flowers! Good luck fixing your binding.:)

  10. I love this piece so much! Of course you had me at bird.
    thanks for sharing the process of how you made it.
    What a good wife - men just love cookies don't they.
    looking forward to seeing what happens with the embroidery piece.

  11. You read my mind. As I was looking at your little quilt I wondered if you had quilted the background before adding the applique.. and you answered my question.. Thanks. It is really cute.

    I just made a batch of oatmeal, black walnut, craisen, white chocolate chip cookies. Talk about decadent.

  12. I love your bid piece--and those flowers are great! I hate it when I cut binding too short--aaargh!! And it's always with fabric that I don't have any more of....I have in the past pulled some of it off and just sewed on another piece of contrasting (like red) and then re-attached and it looks very different! A little bit folksey--and retro...Maybe not better, but easier than removing ALL the binding...hugs, Julierose

  13. Your bird quilt is fabulous !!!

  14. This is such a gorgeous piece, Kelly! Great fabric choices. Don't you just hate it when you chop the binding too short... gah... I've done it too! LOL I was thinking you could add in a pop of red where you chopped it too short and call it a design feature. ;o)

  15. I LOVE your bird quilt!!! Such a beautiful design and gorgeous fabrics! Will you piece an extra bit of binding in to the bit you cut off?
    Those cookies look yummy, can I have one? That vegie stitchery is so fun, and I just know you'll make it even more fun.

  16. I like the background fabric on the bird piece.

  17. Quilt, cookies and stitchery.... I think you may be on the way to recovering your enthusiasm
    I think your bird quilt is looking wonderful.

  18. Ah perfect!!! Love the red and blue. You did a wonderful job on this one too. Sounds like you are getting back into your routine. Sometimes it just takes a while.
    Now what will you do with that embroidery?????

  19. This is just such a lovely project, Kelly! It is so special and I know that it will e well received.

  20. Love it Kelly, I'm sure the recipients will be delighted! Thanks for sharing your process and statistics!


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