Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chugging Along

I finally got back to making some more of my Farmer's Wife blocks. This one looks rectangular because of the fabric, but it is 6 1/2 x 6 1/2.

This one was pretty easy. I did over size the pieces and cut them down.

This one looks really crazy. The off grain print makes it look off kilter, I may redo this one. Believe it or not it is square.

and then there is this orphan.....what was I thinking? It will be remade, it is pretty bad. I blame it on a week of not sewing and being a little rusty.

I love this fabric and got it while I was away, just my colors!

My sewing room is a disaster. I am contemplating moving it up stairs to some empty bedrooms. The thought of moving it all is holding me back, but it would be a great opportunity to clean out and re-organize to see just exactly what I have and what I don't need. Where do you sew and what is more important, location or more room? I don't have kids at home any more so that is not an issue. We have a daylight basement room {where I am now}  that is finished but it is too small. If I move upstairs I can take over 2 rooms that adjoin and it would be a lot easier to manage and the light is much better. I still leaves me with 2 guest bedrooms but will I like being upstairs? I am open to your suggestions and what works for you.



  1. Like the blocks, especially the first one. I vote for more space. Having had to down size, a lot, I would go for room for sure!

  2. The first block reminds me of the Under Amour symbol. I like it a lot! My sewing room is in the basement, no windows but lots of lighting but it still feels like the basement. I too am pondering moving upstairs to an empty bedroom. One of the smaller rooms has the best lighting so that would be the best choice for me. The big room over the garage is too dark - it's amazing what light will do. I hadn't thought of the benefit purging during the process of moving - good motivation!

  3. Your your blocks are looking wonderful. I especially like your off grain blue daisy block, but I know you're not going for a wonky look with this quilt. My sewing projects have slowly taken over two rooms so I guess having more room is important to me. Could you set up a sewing area upstairs and work up there to see how you like it before moving everything?

  4. I quilt upstairs in a bedroom that is the smallest one in the house. I knew this would be my room when we bought this house. I wish there was lots of light in my basement, I'd give this room up for more space in a heartbeat.
    I love your blocks! I've had the book forever, I think you've inspired me to start my own blocks in the new year.

  5. The blocks look great. When there are no kids at home, it is so easy to spread out into multiple rooms. It's a sickness.

  6. I love your blocks. I sew in our finished basement. I would so love to have daylight in there. If I could get daylight and more space, there would be no decision for me!

  7. Your blocks are sooo fun and happy! Really picked me up on this cloudy morning! I took over the attic when the kids moved out for good. I like having better sunlight and I found when I had more room, I could tell what fabric I had and stay organized. It still gets messy but it is more workable... Let us know what you decide!

  8. I love the wonky block and the orphan - leave them in - it will remind you of how we are in different places everyday.
    About sewing rooms, I have been in the basement and upstairs and I really prefer upstairs. I'm not sure why, but I like being in a cozy BR. I even like this new sewing room better than my old big one because it is in the flow of the house.
    It is hard to get going on a move, but maybe you can do a little at a time? 2 rooms sounds like heaven to me!

  9. Oh, Kelly, your blocks are so great...that first one is a favorite in my quilt too! Actually, having made all of the blocks...I sure wouldn't redo any of yours as they look great to me. Once they are all set together, the little details you are agonizing over now won't be a big deal at all. I had a chance to sew in my basement, but chose to sew upstairs and think that I sew more often because of it.

  10. Your blocks looks great - I love that last one!! And love the fabric - they're my colours too!! Yes, move upstairs, but suggest you measure your rooms and plan accordingly for best use of space and furniture. I'm hoping to open up two rooms in my home for a "studio" (how exciting is that word?!) and I'm planning to graph out the rooms and furniture before work begins. I'm sure I'll be more productive when I can get to everything and have space to move about!! Good luck!


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