Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Free Day

Today was an unexpected sewing day. I was supposed to watch my 2 grandsons but things changed so I was free for the whole day. I have no right to start anything new but all that hand dyed fabric from the quilt show was sitting on my table, tempting me.

These colors are hard to photograph, the color of my block looks so different in real life. These came with a pattern that I really like but if I make the quilt with these fabrics it will be considered a kit and I won't be able to put it in our quilt show to be judged. So I will make the pattern with different fabrics, maybe my own hand dyes.

The wedding quilt top is almost all together, I worked on that today too. I am thinking of putting borders on the sides and bottom and not the top. Does anyone else ever do this or does it look bad?

For those of you who loved Downton Abbey there is another show that is on PBS and English. It is called "Call The Midwife". Season 2 starts this Sunday. We are about half way through Season 1. My friends Cheryl and Jane and sister Flynn all highly recommended it so of course I watched. Even my husband is watching it so it is not just a chick show. It takes place in the 1950's when we were born, so our interest is keen. Gosh I am glad I had my kids in the 70's and 80's! I will say I love the sweaters and skirts in the show complete with pearls!



  1. Thanks for the tip on the TV show...hopefully, I can talk my hubby into it. We just finished Season 2 of DA and are loving it. I'm also loving your always!

  2. Thank you so much for the TV recommendation! Those hand dyes and that block are yummy...

  3. I love that show! I can hardly wait for the new season.

    Love your block too. Such wonderful colors.

  4. Those pretty fabrics... How can you resist? That quilt top went fast. You are so focused. Are you quilting it yourself or sending it out?

  5. Series 2has started here too but I've not seen any of Series 1. Enjoy!

  6. I can see why the hand dyed fabrics called you. They looked lovely. I managed to get to the Lancaster show and saw that stand.
    The colours in the wedding quilt look lovely too. It will be interesting to see that when it is all together.
    Season 2 of Call the Midwife strted here too, and I was just home in time to see the first ep of this series.
    Really enjoying it - especially as our DIL is a midwife.

  7. well you know you grabbed my attention with those colors! beautiful fabrics, glad you were able to play on your "free" day!
    can't wait to see more

  8. Your solids are lovely and so saturated with colour, love the block. The wedding quilt is on a bed so I would think your plans will be fine without top borders. For me, that's the bity I put under the pillows anyway so I'd do it.
    I'm going to check out the midwives, it sounds great.

  9. Hey I Love your blocks!! I have a question about an older post you had. There were a lot of antique quilts shown and you said you might discuss it later. I'm interested in the fourth quilt you posted--a sunbonnet with much embellishment. I've been doing research on this block for some time. Do you think it might be possible for you to get me connected with the quilt owner so I could ask her some questions?
    Thanks, Mickie

  10. I was wondering if there is a pattern to the block or just half square triangles with a quarter square triangle on one? thanks.

  11. yea for a sew day!
    I loved the first season of the mid-wife and glad it will be back!
    those hand dyes are so saturated and wonderful! fun block.
    great progress on the wedding quilt!

  12. Oh, I love "Call the Midwife"! I'm so glad it will be on again, especially since I miss "Downton Abbey." We need us some good British drama again!

  13. I have not completely omitted the top border on a bed quilt but did make a very small border instead of the bigger ones for the bottom and side. I thought it looked fine and I keep my pillows and shams on top of the quilt so you don't even see the top when it is on the bed.

  14. Don't you just love Chummy! Downton Abby is great, but I cannot wait for a new season of Call the Midwives.

    I approve the idea bordering only three sides of the wedding quilt. ;-) Go for it. Wait, what type of border are you thinking of doing? Oh Well, whatever you decide will be perfect, as always. Keep having fun with those new colors. Life is short, enjoy all the colors as long as you can.

  15. I love your block, it'll look wonderful in some of your handdyes. I think the borders will look fine on 3 sides. It would look funny if it was a wall hanging but you're making it to be used on a bed so it will look fabulous. I keep hearing about the Midwives but wasn't sure but from what you've said it sounds like the next series we'll be watching.


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