Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sewer's Guilt

This is a quilt I made at the last getaway. It went together very quickly because I had a lot of leftover pieces that I sewed together. It is quite abstract but I like it.

There is just straight line qulting in it. I love that little smidge of yellow next to the black, it was totally random. Love that!

The skinny little piece of dark blue was also a fun random happening.

I faced it instead of putting a binding on. For a more art type quilt I think it gives a nice finish. It really is not all that hard to do either.

Now for the guilt part......I was so happy after we got our power back to sew, take a shower, reheat my coffee in the microwave, turn on a light to read  etc....but I feel a little guilty because my blogging friend Barb is still in the dark! Today we texted each other and she said it may be until Friday before they get the power back! I hope they get it back sooner for you Barb!!!



  1. I love your abstract quilt!!! I hope they get her electric back on sooner too....

  2. Great way to use so many left over bits. It looks great and the quilting works well. Lovely work.

  3. Yay! You've got your power back on!! I love your little quilt with it's random surprises. Poor Barb in the dark, Friday is days away! I really hope the power comes on faster than that. I'm so glad you've heard from her and she's okay.

  4. Welcome back! It sounds like you've been having some sewing fun!

  5. This is beautiful... Congratulations on the return of your power. I bet a shower never felt and a coffee never tasted so good!

  6. Love the quilt. I would love to make one, but I just don't know where to begin.
    Glad your power is back on. Hope that power is coming back all over the east coast.

  7. Kelly,
    The quilt looks gorgeous. You are so quick to finish your projects. I like those happy accidents in your abstract quilt.
    I am hoping Barb gets her power soon too.

  8. It looks great. You are definitely good at finishing what you start.

  9. you are such a dear friend! I'm back as of midnight! It was a joy to wake up to lights in BR.
    I love your new project so much - the quilting is great and I love the facing treatment. I really want to try that.
    thanks again for your thoughtfulness - I hope you really didn't feel guilty, I'm scrappy and make it through :)


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