Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Miscellaneous Wednesday

Most of the sewing that is getting done revolves around Christmas presents so no pictures for a few weeks.
I did find this awesome vintage tablecloth and decided I wanted to turn it into a tree skirt.

This picture shows you a better idea of the color and the pattern, it is a deep turkey red.

It has this cool trim along the edge. I think some one washed it and the trim shrunk and the fabric didn't...

I cut a hole in the center and finished the edge with some ric rac. This shows you a better idea of the color.

Maddy's Christmas charm bracelet. The charms are huge on her little wrist.

My daughter in law Mary gave me an early birthday present. She knows I like to make pies.

Even the pages have a retro feel to them.

This page cracked us up! Is his arm up to signal "another piece of pie, woman"!!???

Have you ever heard of 7-Up pie crust? I think I might just have to try it...

I have just started a new book called The Kitchen House. It is very good if you like historical fiction. I am already about 1/3 of the way through the book. Has anyone else read this?



  1. I like your idea of using the vintage tablecloth as the tree skirt. It will look great. I'm a pie baker too and I actually had that book on my Amazon wish already!

  2. I love the tree skirt idea. I have used a shiny gold table cloth for years as a tree skirt. It makes a beautiful glow around the tree when the lights are turned on.
    Great gift from your DIL.
    I had not heard of the book but I just checked Amazon, sounds interesting thanks.

  3. Your Christmas tree skirt is brilliant! The trimming is so fun, It's great to see an old table cloth beeing put to good use. That Pie book is fabulous, awesome retro photos!! It's always good to get book recommendations, I'll keep a look out for The Kitchen House.

  4. Your Christmas tree skirt was a great find and fantastic repurpose. I've not heard of the Kitchen House, let alone read it!

  5. Your vintage tablecloth is perfect for a tree skirt!
    I also love historical fiction. I'll have to take a look at that book.

  6. Love the festive vintage. And that cookbook is killer. Let us know how that 7-Up crust works out. Haven't read the book, but it is on my list. You are, as always, way ahead of me.

  7. the bracelet is darling,still wear the one you gave me. That cookbook says you all over it. I love historical fiction. will look the book up. joanne

  8. Kelly, this vintage Christmas fabric is gorgeous. You find the best things form out there. That book is so you. I had heard of making the pastry dough with club soda before.

  9. What an awesome cookbook! I love pie - both the making of and the eating of! I may have to put this on my wish list!

    Your tree skirt is so cute, and very clever!

    The Kitchen House sounds like an interesting read...thanks for the info!

  10. I love pie. Looks like a cool cookbook.
    Cute retro tree skirt.

  11. LOVE the tablecloth! Love the Pie Book - pie AND retro, how cool is your daughter-in-law? And the book is on my Amazon Wish List! I heard it's great!

  12. The Kitchen House is an excellent read, and although fiction I felt it created a true feel for the times.

  13. I really like your vintage table cloth redo - looks great with the ric rac.
    Maddy's bracelet is so cute,I bet she loves it.
    What a fun cookbook - I love retro cookbooks.
    I have read the kitchen house and really liked it too.
    The author is coming for our library luncheon in April - you are welcome!


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