Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Diary Block Tuesday

Today's block is a little sad for me. My dad died 15 years ago today. I can't believe he has been gone that long. The colors are a little subtle ( like him) and autumnal because he loved Thanksgiving. I was only 40 when he died and he was 66. Now that I am 55 that sounds very young!
I kept most of my blocks up beat but felt I wanted to include him today.

To cheer myself up a bit I went to my LQS, the Quilt Block and bought some pretty fabrics.

Isn't this cool? I am not sure what to do with it but had to have it!

I also made a pit stop at Joanne's to buy these cute little charms. I am planning on making my granddaughter Maddy a charm bracelet for Christmas.

As we all get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving tell me what is your favorite dish or tradition. Ours is a hot and heavy game of charades with no real rules. You can't talk but the subject can be anything, which makes for a fun evening.



  1. Favorite traditions: turkey sandwiches on toast for supper, playing board games and walking the dogs in the afternoon (my husband takes a nap, his fave tradition), but most of all being with our daughters. My older daughter is away at school so it will be different this year.
    I like that you included this block - we have to be real, right? My parents are both gone 13 years this year, and I still miss them - I think of my dad every time I see a sunbeam. :)

  2. I miss my dad too and I'm glad you included yours.

    We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in Australia but my favourite food of the season is glacé fruit! We eat it as a snack and only at Christmas time.

  3. How nice that you made a block for your dad...mine is gone 21 years and I still miss him...and my mom too. I remember him cutting up the onions, celery...for the Thanksgiving turkey!

    On another note...I have to try to get some of that green polka dot fabric...who makes it?

  4. I'm so glad your Dad made it into your quilt. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. My dad passed at the age of 62, 28 years ago and I still miss him too. He always carved the turkey at the table. I think it is nice your dad will be a part of your quilt.

    Your charades game sounds like fun. We make homemade cranberry sauce every year from a recipe that came from my Mom's grandparents.

  6. what a nice tribute block. I really like the striped background, reminds me of mens sweaters or polos.
    Cute charms and I wish I could come play charades - so fun!

  7. Memories.. They never get old. Lovely block for your dad. Enjoy the holiday with your family!

  8. What a special block and such beautiful colours. Your new fabrics are fun, the florals looks so summery and those green dots will be the perfect fabric for something one day. Those charms are so sweet. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but if we did I'd like to eat candied yams, I've never tried them but they sound good. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the charades!

  9. Sweet memories, lovely tribute. I lost my dad 17 years ago, when I was 47. We will always have them in our hearts.


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