Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Diary Block Tuesday

This weekend we went to the wedding of my daughter's friend. I don't know about you but I cry at every single wedding I go to, even if I don't know them very well!

And yes I did wear my pearls!. My dress was plain black but this dress is made from a real hankie! I always put a real hankie in my purse for weddings (and funerals). It just looks so much nicer than a tissue! I also feel a bit retro.

I cut off a corner of another hankie and pressed it with the iron.

The bride looked beautiful, don't they always glow? Notice the belt, this is the second one we have seen among new brides....Christine take note.

Maddy was a flower girl and did a great job spreading the petals on the floor. Overall I think she was a little bored as you can tell by the look on her face. Isn't her dress cute? She got new shoes and the first thing she said when the whole thing was over is "these shoes hurt and I want to take them off" I wonder how long she will keep to that???

Maddy and her mom all dressed up. In about a year we will be holding a wedding too. I hope these 2 still have those wonderful smiles on their faces!

Oh and by the way is it hankie or hanky?



  1. beautiful post kelly!
    I went to a wedding too recently and cried a couple of times and I had never met the couple.
    Your girls are just lovely.
    I love the block, it's just perfect, really perfect, hankies and all or is it hankys???

  2. Great block, love the pearls. Don't know which it is but I collect hankies!

  3. How many hankies will you need when your girls walk down the aisle?
    Love the block. You have a great technique for people.

  4. I always cry!!! Your block is so clever, great idea to use hankies. Your girls are so beautiful.

  5. I always have a number of hankies for myself & others at weddings & funerals. Didn't need at my own boys' wedding....we'll see about emily's!
    When we were shopping for Lindsay's dress Sat I noticed a dress with a bow done vertically like Maddies...must be another new twist. nice job on the block. interesting that you put brown hair on you.

  6. Great block and lovely pictures. I too carry a hankie to weddings and yes it is a hankie! To me a hanky goes with panky.

  7. Your block is wonderful and the sweet smiles are also! You are just too creative! Still have some of those handkerchiefs, too.

  8. Kelly, Each one of your block is better than the previous one.. I am amazed as ever. You are so creative and gifted.
    I love this block. It screams YOU!
    Until I came to this country, I had never known what a tissue box was. Love hankies, I have some of my old ones I still use every now and then.

  9. I love your block! I especially like how you added the hanky in the hand. I like to take a white hanky my grandmother crocheted around to special occassions.

  10. What a special block. And yes! I always cry at weddings. Why do we do that? All of your girls are beautiful.

  11. Your block is too cute. The details are so excellent, the pearls, the hankie, and the tears.
    I aleays cry at weddings too.
    Your girls are beautiful!

  12. My husband is the softie who always cries at weddings. So much so, that everyone always thinks he was involved with the bride! It is quite funny and touching all at the same time. I love this block. Can we see a shot of the blocks you've made so far all together???

  13. I cried at my DD's wedding when she and WM walked into the church. It brings tears to my eyes now to think of it.

    I think your block is fabulous.


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