Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Acorn Shop
I thought I would share some of my thoughts on judging at a quilt show with you. I was a "scribe" the person that writes down all the comments of the judges. These forms are given to each person that has a quilt judged when they come to pick up their quilt. Each quilt gets a comment form.

First the judges have us hold up the quilts so they are looking at them form afar. They look for the overall visual impact and quilting.
Next it is laid on a big table and they go over it very thoroughly! They pick at applique, check to see that mitered corners are sewn down, they look for stops and starts for machine and hand quilting, bindings must be filled, sewn down tight and straight. They look to see if it lays flat and if it is square. If I heard this once I heard it 100 times, STRAIGHT LINES SHOULD BE STRAIGHT!

So if you are having your quilt judged, technique matters! Overall beauty will not get it a ribbon. There was one that had dog/cat hair all over it. The comment was it should be "show ready". They always look for a positive in the quilt but also let them know what needs improvement.

You must also have a thick skin.....because I was a scribe I had to listen to them critique my quilts as well. Another person wrote down the comments as I did not think I should be the one to do that!

Procrastination by Kelly Meanix
When my quilt, Procrastination came up the conversation became very interesting. The first judge said "these blocks don't work at all". The second judge said "I think this speaks to the heart of quilting, using up what you have to make a quilt". They talked about my chopping off blocks and including them in the design, the one thought it was charming and the other did not. I am sitting there wanting to tell them all about it but I was not allowed to speak. Finally after much discussion the second judge convinced the first judge that is was a nice quilt. So nice that she gave it the Judge's Choice ribbon.  After it was over I told them all about the quilt and yes they were orphan blocks and yes I chopped off the blocks on purpose and yes I was using up what I had!

They both were very, very nice. If you ever get a chance to sit in on judging, be sure to do it you will enjoy it very much.

We also had some nice vendors. I met a woman named, Colleen who has a shop called Some Art Fabric . She had great fabric and was super nice. Check out her site when you get a chance. For all of you in Virginia, that is where she is located.

I also had the opportunity to meet a blog friend, Mickie from 3 Poodles and a Nana . We have chatted back and forth, it was nice to put a face to the name. Go over and check out her blog too.

I feel like it is taking me forever to get back to normal. Not much sewing going on here but maybe soon.



  1. That is really interesting Kelly, esp to hear what the judges are looking for. Congratulations on winning judges choice with your lovely quilt! xo

  2. That was fascinating. I'd get big crosses for all the above Lol!! "Speaks to the heart of quilting" must be the nicest compliment you could ever get. It is an amazing quilt!

  3. You described the process perfectly.
    It is hard to sit quietly and not speak when your quilt is being judged. Been there. I'm glad you scrappy quilt got the ribbons it deserved. It is not that easy to make a pleasing quilt with left overs.

  4. I love your orphan block quilt! Congrats on the Judge's Choice. And it does speak to the heart of quilting, do the best with what you have where you are. Great job!

  5. oh I just love this quilt, I have always wanted to make a quilt like this
    oh that must have been so hard!
    I am so happy for you that you won a ribbon and judges choice, thats big!

  6. I was able to take a judges tour through a quilt show once. She pointed out things they look for, but didn't say much specific about the quilts. The comments are a good learning tool. She said the most common thing they find fault in is the bindings.
    I'll bet it was hard to hear your own quilt being judged and not speak up! Congrats on the win.


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