Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Little Sewing And A Little Gardening

This is a UFO that came off the top of the pile!

Here is a detail of some of my machine quilting. I decided this was an opportunity to try some "fancy" quilting. With a piece this size it is a lot easier to do more precise quilting.

I am not as thrilled with the design I picked for the leaves but it will do.

This is not a good picture but I like the loops I did in the pink part. I am trying to learn to let the piece decide the design and not try to make something go in there that does not work. I am still trying ot decide what to do in the background. I would like to try something other than meandering....any ideas?

A little touch of blue in all that pink and green. Originally there were 4 blocks, but one is still unfinished. I decided not to make a quilt but to turn what is done into a runner.....another UFO out of my pile. It's a good thing as Martha would say!

I have also been working on my sort of red and white quilt. It is going to be bed  size and it's for me and my husband. I really like half square triangles.

Now for the gardening is a really "green" way to plant. Save all your egg shells, it does not matter if they are pretty or not. Save the cardboard container they come in. Fill the shells with potting soil and your seeds. Mine have zinnias, nasturtiums and sunflowers.

Spray them using a spray bottle with water and cover with plastic wrap. Set on a sunny counter, keep moist and remove wrap as soon as you see sprouts. Now you can place them EXACTLY where you want them, shell and all in your garden. My tip for growing great zinnias is epsoms salt. I sprinkle it all over the soil, work it in  and plant either the plants or seeds. I think you are supposed to test your soil first, I did not but it worked well. You can also use it for tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers.
Even though it seems late to be starting warm weather seeds indoors, the secret to gardening is warm soil. It does not matter how early you get plants out, they will not really start to grow if the soil is too cold.



  1. Your runner is so pretty and I appreciate the gardening idea with the egg shells!

  2. What a lovely table runner...and I'm going to show my husband your great gardening tip! I'd Better start saving egg shells!

  3. Your runner is so pretty..and perfect for the warmer weather coming.

    I got seeds planted too. I can't use egg shells because my Bloodhound digs them up...crazy dog! :)

  4. Thanks for the tips on the Zinnias, my husband loves them. I have been reluctant to plant them as they grow so big. Maybe I will surprise him this year.

  5. Great idea with the egg shells. Only one problem. Mine don't end up so neat. Guess I'll have to start eating hard boiled eggs!

  6. Such a beautiful table runner!! The flowers look like zinnias. Thank you for talking through your quilting, I find it really interesting. I've done little flower arrangements in egg shells but never though to start seedlings that way. I'll try that. Interesting about the Epsom too. I've used that for yellow leaves on gardenias, but good tip for those other plants.

  7. Gorgeous applique Kelly, and I adore your little eggshell for seeds idea, brilliant! xo

  8. Lovely applique.

    Great use of eggshells.

  9. The table runner is so pretty, love the quilting your doing on it.
    maybe you could echo the applique to fill in the background?
    have you had enough rain yet?
    LOL oh love those hst, hmmm red and white can 't wait to see what your quilt will look like!

  10. I saw the egg shell planting pots in a magazine and I'm sooo impressed you are doing it. I may think about that for next year.
    Thanks for the epsom salt tip -
    Love your pink flower runner. the quilting looks wonderful. You are so right about the blue.

  11. The egg shells are such a great idea! I love this!


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