Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autumn Color

My sunflowers are fading away. Here is one that will be around forever!

This was made as a challenge for Penn Oaks Quilt Guild this year. Every year the guild does a challenge and I try very hard to participate. This went together pretty quickly and is made entirely of hand dyed fabrics. It has simple straight line quilting in the background. I really like straight line quilting and plan to do more of it in the future.

Today I went to a workshop with Sue Spargo. She has some wonderful wool quilts and wool projects that were so beautiful. It was hard to choose which one to make.

Here is Sue showing a buillion stitch, everyone really liked this stitch.

Many things to choose from, it was really hard. The colors were fabulous!

I love this pillow and resisted, it is something I want to make in the future.

Yummy silk velevets. There were as soft as they were beautiful.

Beautiful wool thread. The colors of everything just made you happy! I see a quilt in this picture.

Some fat quarters also made an appearance. I brought a few home with me.

Judie was busy working on an autumn pillow. I am sure she will have it done by Halloween!

Judie has the pumpkin face almost done after today's class.

Cheryl and Loren also had a good time. You can go to her blog and see what they did today.

This is the pin cushion I am working on (it's not done yet). If you look at the rick rack to the right I couched it and then added french nots. Sue was very impressed and took a picure of it...I will post a picture of it when I am finished.



  1. Your Sunflower is gorgeous!
    It looks like you have a fun group? I loved seeing all of the beautiful color in this post.
    Your decoration of the ric-rac is brilliant. :)

  2. Very pretty! I like the way you couched the rick rack and then did the french knots - such pretty colors used!

  3. Kelly,

    Thanks for posting about Sue Spargo's visit. I missed the meeting.. I have been going to the guild. May be one of these days I will make it out there.The goodies look too yummy to pass.


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