Friday, March 15, 2019

What's Up With Blogging?

Today is a gorgeous warm spring day in Pennsylvania! So what better time to show you my temperature quilt?
I started this last year in 2018 on January first. You make a block a day. There are all kinds of variations on Instagram but I decided to do something easy because you know the initial enthusiasm can fade before you know it.  Quilting is by Carolyn Davis and Jamie Loncaric.

So my colors reflect the temperature of the day. The triangle in the middle, called the goose, was the warmest temp of the day. The outer triangles or the sky was the coolest. If you see a white one that means it snowed that day. I changed colors every four degrees to get a good color range.

On the months where we don't have 31 days I just extended the block. If you are thinking of doing this make a chart of your fabric swatches to make it easy. I really enjoyed this year long project and it is a surprise when you are finished!

This week at my guild, we had Helen Ernst talk to us about Renewing Vintage Linens. It was a wonderful lecture and fun workshop. You can follow Helen on Instagram @tilwequiltagain  This is a vintage hankie used to make a wall hanging.

I had to bring a little spring in the house. I love have forsythia branches that can be forced into pops of color to get rid of the winter doldrums.

Ranunculus is easier to write than to say for me. I love how delicate they are and pretty in pink! I am going to be picking some more of these up at the grocery store the next time I am there.

I have been sewing but not as much as I would like. I know spring is around the corner and that means lots of outside work and little to no sewing. Don't you love those bees? I decided to have some hand work handy to be more productive in the evenings when I don't want to be at the machine.

I am doing a Trinket Sew Along with a couple of friends and a bunch of people on Instagram. They are paper pieced and I am using bright happy colors.

The blocks are very simple and it is interesting to see what people are using and the color combinations/fabric choices.

I am also working on a long term project that will be revealed at a later date.... FYI these blocks are rejects.

My sewing room is a mess but I don't care, it means I am sewing! I still need to get back to my Bonnie Hunter quilt. That went by the way side....see what I mean about the initial enthusiasm waning? Not really I just needed a break from it and will get back on it now that I saw guild member, Betty's finished Good Fortune quilt! It was spectacular!

I am still painting too. These are very small (3" x 3") and gifts for some friends. I am finding I like smalls and might need to do some more. It is so unlike quilting....quick, fast, you can cover up mistakes with paint and if you hate it you didn't spend days/weeks/month/years! doing it!

Okay so let's talk about the blogging world. What is going on out there? Has Instagram taken over? I do feel guilty because Instagram is simple and easy with little time commitment and I post there a lot.

It also seems like people are not leaving comments as much on blogs any more either. I usually get 300-500 views a day but very few comments. I will also have a day (a couple of weeks ago) where I will get over 1,000 views but again not many comments. So are people looking but not taking the time to comment or is the content too boring after you take a look? Just wondering...I also know Blogger has changed things up and maybe that is contributing?

I am not on Facebook and will never be on it again! I have heard lots of people are deleting their pages. What do you think about Facebook? I heard a funny comment about FB recently......"Remember when parents started wearing bell bottoms, that's when the teenagers stopped!" It made me laugh out loud!


Friday, March 1, 2019


I just realized I have not posted in a long time! Truth be told, January and February seemed to fly by this year. While some might say that is a good thing, I am trying very hard to live in the moment. I want to enjoy the quiet and slower pace of winter inside my cozy home. Once the spring and summer hit, there is never a dull moment! We are on the go, non-stop.
I love flowers and buy them for myself all the time. If you have not bought yourself some flowers for no reason, you should try it. Every time I walk into the kitchen it gives me a little surprise and a pop of color that is unexpected. It just feels good.

Speaking of flowers I have been painting all winter long! It is so much fun and very forgiving. If you don't like something, paint over it! I painted this for my brother in law, David who turned 50 this year.

This one is no longer in my house because someone wanted to buy it! I did love it too because I feel like I got the vase and water pretty accurate. Sorry for the not so good picture.

I've got some more in the wings for when the mood strikes.

The Lancaster Modern Quilt Guild is having a display of more modern log cabins this spring. Here is my contribution. Think it looks modern enough? I had no idea what I was going to do with that Tula Pink fabric......
Speaking of the MQG, I went to Nashville last week for Quiltcon! It was so much fun and such a different vibe than traditional quilt shows....... AND the vendors!!!! Many you have never seen at any other shows, they were fabulous!
My quilting companions, Stephanie,Terry and Mary also made it a fun trip, we talked non-stop (we drove) all the way there and all the way back. Road trips are always fun and a great way to get to know each other. Next year it is in Austin and the following year it is in Atlanta. They go back and forth each year, west coast and east coast.

I have been slacking with the sewing but am ready to get back on that horse. This is for a workshop in April. If you remember my "The Cow", it is the same technique, fabric collage.

Lots of reading going on too, a perfect winter past time. Actually for me any time is a good time to read! One I don't have in this picture is Where The Crawdads Sing. So far it is my favorite this year.

I have a workshop coming up and needed to make a new sample. Making a Christmas project right after Christmas was not exactly fun but I think it is turning out cute. I will probably be happy when Christmas rolls around that this is done and dusted!


Thursday, January 31, 2019

Last Day of January

A quick post for the end of the month. I have been painting with acrylics and am really enjoying it! Let's hope spring is not too far away!


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Fussy Cut Hexie Class

This spring I will be traveling to the Valley Forge Quilters' Guild to teach a class on Fussy Cut Hexies.

Last summer I did a trunk show and they were in love with these 2 quilts. Right away they wanted to know if I would teach them how.

It's one thing to make things on your own and another to teach it to students. As you can see I am making another, this time with a Christmas theme. This way I work out the bugs and write down a lesson plan of sorts.

It's been a little weird working with Christmas fabrics again so quickly after Christmas. I think in the end it will be a cute quilt.
If you were making one of these, what themes would you pick?


Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Long Time, No See!

My goodness I have really neglected this blog! Partially because I have been sick and it is just dragging on! I have had no energy or ambition to sew or do anything!
My mother in law gave me this poinsettia for my birthday. It really is this pretty shade of pink, so I am going to try and nurse it through the winter and put it our in my garden this summer. Have you ever done that? It seems such a shame to throw them out after Christmas.

Have you heard of this magazine, Curated Quilts? It is more geared toward the modern quilter but still interesting for all.

Last summer one of the editors emailed me and asked me if I would submit this quilt!!! I had recently hung it up in a new spot and put it on Instagram and that is how she spotted it. It's called It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood and was made during a swap with Barb Vedder, Robin McMillen and Susan Hammer. I had those blocks for at least a year before I came up with this idea on how I wanted them to go together. I do feel like sometimes letting it "simmer" is better than throwing it together.

I am in a bee and we did as swap in January. I loved this scissor fabric and just had to use it.

This is the inside. Again another perfect fabric for a sewer!

I like the cross stitch look too!

This is what I got in the swap, how cool is this!?! Thank you Cindy!

Some other goodies came my way as well, thank you Jeanette and Cheryl.

Thank you for all the nice comments and emails about our little neighbor, Julia. She is still hanging on and just finished a week of chemo. She has surpassed their predictions so I like to think all the prayers and good wishes out there are doing some good.
If you wish to read more about this little girl you can go here Julia Adams


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Just Sad

The New Year has started but sometimes life can be on hold. I have never done this before but feel like I need to.
Our neighbor's small little 2 year old girl, is dying of brain cancer. This hits way too close to home, she will be gone very soon.  The parents are young (kids in my mind) and I can't believe how unbelievable hard this must be for them to endure.
Please send prayers, good wishes or anything else you do out into the universe to help this suffering family. Her name is Julia and I feel so incredibly sad for her and the short little life she led.

Julia Adams.


Friday, December 14, 2018

The Day After

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a busy day. I wanted to try and get all my blocks for the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt called, Good Fortune done but it didn't happen. Today clue number 4 was released and I am feeling the pressure! They look to be easier so I think I will be caught up soon.

In some ways this is a good way to work on any scrap quilt. Sewing  them into "bite size" pieces and giving yourself a deadline, makes it go pretty fast. You can go at your own pace but then it will become another UFO (I know myself!) . I have never done this type of mystery quilt before but so far it is fun! One of the things I enjoy is her instructions on how to cut and sew things, you can always learn something new!

I got some art supplies from my husband and am going to try some new things, stay tuned!