Monday, October 19, 2020

Long Time Gone

 I can't believe how long it has been since I posted anything on the blog....

One of the things I have been doing is making the Pincushion Collage Quilt by Laura Heine for a class at the  The Old Country Store in Intercourse PA If you are interested in taking it, the class is in February. It is such a fun project, especially for anyone who sews!

Fall is here in all its glory! I love autumn and everything is has to offer. Crisp cool days, sweaters, beautiful leaves, soup, hot tea and putting the garden to bed. While I love my gardens they take up a lot of time!

I don't decorate much for Halloween but I saw this on Instagram and loved the idea. They had pictures of their kids but I chose to use some scrapbook images that was a very low key Halloween idea.

I am also making a autumn quilt along with my friend Stephanie. This is the Fig Tree block of the month from a while ago. We both bought the kit to make it easy. I love their blocks and the instructions are very good. If you have ever wanted to try it, don't be afraid to do it!

I am also trying my hand at crochet......this was a first attempt and it's pretty wonky.

This is much better and I find it very relaxing! Repetitive motions can do that I suppose. I am hoping to make more and get better at it.

Over the weekend I made myself a project pouch with this adorable fabric from Lori Holt. It's cheater cloth and all I did was quilt along each orange peel to give it some body. So quick and so easy! My friend Cindy gave me the quilter zip charm that completes it just perfectly!

I kept the lining on the vintage side too. I think my crochet will fit in their perfectly!

I can't say my focus is totally back to normal so I am always doing something here and there. My stuff was all over the house and I was always looking for scissors, or my needle threader, you get it.....So I got this organizer at Michael's and it is so nice! This is the bottom part......

this is the top part. I really am happy with it and might need to get another one....

This is my new bed quilt. It is going to be king size! At first I was going to do the blocks in a straight set. I showed it on Instagram and the overwhelming majority said no put it on point. So I tried it out and yes I like it much better this way. I think I have enough fabric but I won't let that bother me. I will take a page out the book of our pioneer quilters and use something else if I don't have enough!

I have made myself some design boards to keep track of all the pieces and it is a life saver. I don't mix up the pieces that are almost the same size and it is nice to have them all in 1 spot. I will be making more. Do you use a design board?

I have read lots of books this summer. This was really good but will not be for everyone. I loved all the details and the story behind this disastrous group and all the bad decisions they made and people they trusted. I was also surprised that there are people that never heard about the Donner party. Yes cannibalism is involved but like all things in the world it was sensationalized over time. Once it is put into context I think you will have a different opinion about it.I gave it 4 stars.

This started out very slow but I stuck with it because I bought it. It is very difficult to get a GOOD book at the library these days....I liked it in the end but would only give it 3.5 stars.

I read all of the Lonesome Dove series this year and loved every single book. Larry McMurty is such a good writer and really paints a picture for me. I will be reading more of his books. Any recommendations out there?

This book I could not put down! It was very good and I think based on true events. This one got 4.5 stars.

While this one started out slow, it really picked up and makes you wonder what lengths you would go to keeping a secret that you know is hurting others and altering their lives. The injustice of this book is sad but the twist at the end makes it worth reading and I didn't see it coming! I gave it 4 stars.



  1. Loved catching up with you this morning. Your pin cushion collage is great and the class will be very fun.
    Your house looks all dressed up for the fall season. What a gorgeous tablescape. Fun photo project too. Aren't vintage photos fun?
    Your lily blocks are wonderful and they look the best on point. I like your idea of maybe using a different setting print. It might add a lot to your overall design.
    Great book recommends! I've added some to my wish list. The Donner party is a wild story. There is a great PBS episode the failed crossing.
    Happy Fall!

  2. Nice to see your blog in my feed today! Your posts are always so fun, full of color and stories and beautiful quilt projects! I love your fall tablescape - I have a mini version of it, and you have inspired me to expand on it! The buffalo check is the perfect backdrop. I love the organization box too! I have been organizing things around the house (and tossing stuff out!) during this pandemic. I have framed and hung up lots of photos (after sorting all the photos), and puts lots of documents into 3-ring binders. I'm obsessed with them! I love your lily quilt too, your colors and fabrics are so happy! I might have to make this one, as I have a granddaughter named Lily. :) Happy fall, happy quilting!

  3. Kelly your work is always so pretty. Glad to hear from you, that you're going to be teaching (in person?? hope not...) and the book reviews. People do book reviews every week on my I Like Thursday links by the way... I've read so many good ones from them.
    I like all Rhys Bowen series, and Laura Childs series both are maybe four different series and I read Molly Murphy, Her royal spyness, Teashop mysteries

    1. Oh and Jodi Thomas does a series out of Texas with characters an story lines I have loved

  4. Your blog posts are like mine... a jumble of my activities. I have to post a couple times a week or I can't keep up with myself! (ha, ha). I'm glad you've started to crochet. Personally, I prefer it over knitting, but I like my knitted dishcloths better than any I've crocheted. Yes, it's the repetitiveness of making stitches that's relaxing. Your zipper pouch turned out cute, and I like your storage container too. Us makers can't haven't enough storage items, can we? It's why I learned to make the zipper pouches from candy, chip, and coffee bags. They're fun and easy to make, use, and give as gifts. No, I don't use design boards. These days, as my quiltmaking style has definitely gone modern, I very rarely make a quilt that's blocks pieced together. That said, when I do a block-style quilt, I don't need to keep track of piecing, as most all of it is improv. My tastes have changed SO much since exploring modern. I love to read just as you do, and include a book review on nearly every blog post. I've read (listened to) 56 books so far this year. I have a whole bunch of recommendations, so let me know if you need suggestions.

  5. It was wonderful to get caught up on all your projects. Lots of fun and colorful sewing. Love the lily blocks!

  6. I'm really late commenting and catching up! The blocks for the bed quilt especially are wonderful!

  7. I am also late catching up. Visiting The Old Country Store was one of the highlights of my trip to America many years ago. Loving the blocks you are making for your bed quilt.
    Oh, I have just found your on IG...looking forward to following you there.

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