Wednesday, November 16, 2016

We Gather Together......

Thanksgiving is my favorite of all the holidays. It's about family and good food. It seems a little wrong to be posting about Christmas trees now, but as quilters we all know you can't wait to make a Christmas quilt if you want to use it this year. At least that is the hope.

So I dug out a pile of Christmas/winter fabrics (notice there is blue in there too) with the intention of doing something with them but I was not sure what....then I saw a post about these blocks on Diary of a Quilter I instantly wanted to make it because, you don't use a pattern, they are little bit off, and it would be fun to use all these fabrics.

So you make two opposite blocks at the same time, which is great!

I have decided to make a change, I am not using the measurement for the trunk and will just cut whatever size I want and I am making it black instead of brown. I will also not be crazy about making sure that it is centered exactly under the tree.

Barb Vedder and Cheryl Lynch

So many of you know that Barb from Fun With Barb came to my guild Penn Oaks Quilters on Monday night. She gave a really fun lecture and we highly recommend her. On Tuesday we took her to Lancaster for lunch and to see the sights. She loved the horse and buggies!

I was pulling out a quilt for Monday night and this tree literally fell on top of me. I decided to leave it out, but I am not turning on the lights......yet.



  1. I may try that Christmas quilt as it looks like I would enjoy it.

  2. Christmas has definitely started popping up everywhere. Your trees are fun, and such great fabrics. I can just imagine the wonderful times you had with Barb. I can only hope I see one of her lectures one day.

  3. Kelly tu árbol sera muy divertido y alegre

  4. The trees are just adorable and so was Barb!

  5. Super cute holiday trees and how fun that you and Barb had a chance to hang out.

  6. These are adorable!! So glad Barb got to come.

  7. The tree blocks are looking great. I like the changes you are making to them.

  8. Very funny blocks Kelly ! And lucky you to see Barb these last days !

  9. Your blocks are so fun and festive! I can't believe I struggled for an hour to make my first few yesterday not knowing that there was a simple method - doh! The black trunks are the perfect contrast for your fabrics.
    thank you for such lovely hospitality while visiting the Penn Oaks guild.
    Hey - at least it was just a little tree that fell on your head.....this time.

  10. Cute trees, looks quick and easy this way.

  11. I love your trees! I've been struggling to make a Christmas tree wall hanging, trying to get it just right, then I remembered Joyce Kilmer's poem that ends with, Only God can make a tree!" Now my tree looks better because it is part little wonky here and there. I am going to use your trees for the place mats I will make next. Thank you!


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