Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Don't Forget!

Tomorrow is the drawing for the pincushions. This is one and the other is not finished yet. Go back and look at the last post to enter. Please make sure you leave me an email if you want to win!

My sewing room is messy and loney.  I have only been in there to dump stuff while I had company for the past couple of weeks.

At the last meeting of the Lancaster Modern Quilt guild we received our round robin quilts back. This one is mine. Cherie did such a good job matching my hand dyed fabrics with non-hand dyed. I love it and am looking forward to finishing it.

I did make it to the quilt show in Oaks. I can never remember the official name........ Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza maybe?

I did not buy a lot but I found some new vendors which was nice.

I really like this Japanese panel, they have lots of different sections to cut apart and use in all kinds of ways.

I thought these chenille squares were such a great idea! Wouldn't they make a nice soft, snuggly, vintagey, baby quilt?

I would love some advice from you technical people out there......does a wireless mouse ever die? Yes I changed the battery and it still doesn't work. I haven't done anything to change any settings and can't figure out what to do. It is a royal pain and I stink at doing it manually. any comments are much appreciated! Thank you in advance for any advice!

I will be back with the winners tomorrow!



  1. You can try to Google "wireless mouse not working". I've solved many tech issues that way.
    It's nice to see a quilt room more messy with projects than mine.

  2. I can sympathize regarding sewing rooms being lonely. The same happens here when we have long stay visitors. My poor sewing room always seems to be the collection point and it takes a big effort to get it back where it should be. All i can say is good luck!
    Love seeing your purchases. Some very different items.
    Sorry, no help on the mouse.

  3. I was also going to suggest googling your mouse problem. I use a laptop, so it isn't an issue for me. Those chenille squares look yummy, and so soft!

  4. Yes! My first wireless mouse quit working. I took it to the Apple Store where I bought it. Diagnosis. Dead as a hammer. Love the chenille !

  5. I saw one recently that had an off and on button on the bottom. We almost couldn't find it. Just a thought

  6. I saw one recently that had an off and on button on the bottom. We almost couldn't find it. Just a thought

  7. Your posts are full of stuff I want to make!

  8. Lots of fun stuff going on! MY hubby had a wireless mouse that died. I thought I had the same occurrence, but after cleaning the bottom (the eye), changing the batteries, and re-installing it, it's been working fine. I use mine with my laptop--hate that little pad! I hope you can get yours figured out--good luck!

  9. LOVE that Japanese panel, just so sweet! Sometimes lint gets stuck in the area where the little ball is. Try unscrewing the little circle and popping it out. Sounds like it might be more than that. Good luck!

  10. Yes, a wireless mouse can die, they can eat just so many batteries!

    Your sewing room looks so clean compared to mine, I can only get to my machine by walking sideways, the path is not very wide any more.

  11. I missed seeing you at that show. great loot!
    My sewing room is in the same shape - messy and lonely.
    your round robin looks great


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