Friday, January 8, 2016

A Crazy New Project

I am sure you have seen this quilt all over the place. A few months ago a couple of friends of mine twisted my arm asked me if I wanted to get together and work on making a  La Passacaglia quilt. No one is quite sure how to pronounce it and it has been dubbed "La Pas". My supplies came yesterday and I will say, Holy Cow this will be a very LONG term project. I am a bit intimidated and am not sure where to even start.
Any  tips anyone can pass along are much appreciated. I have joined the Face Book group and I think that will be a help. Feel free to chime in if you have any personal experience with this gorgeous quilt.
I won't be starting it any time soon because I cut the tip of my thumb with a NEW rotary cutter blade yesterday. I am still working on the Zelda quilt though it is very clumsy.

Our children bought us a Smart TV for Christmas. We have been hooked on House of Cards. Not since Katherine, the horrible mother in East of Eden have I seen a more cold and calculating character (Claire)! Are you watching? any reviews? Don't tell me what happens, we just started season 3!



  1. Oh that is so funny. I received everthing in your photo for Christmas. My Italian friend says that it is pronounced "passa-ca-lee-ya" but that there are probably regional dialect variations. In any case, I'm sure yours will be stunning!

  2. Wow! What a project! I've never seen it before.
    We got sucked into the House of Cards- they are both evil! LOL

  3. Holy cow is right. I was tempted for about 5 seconds. It will exciting to follow along with your progress. It's a quilt that is beyond awesome. Claire, well, is someone I"m glad I don't know.

  4. Ouch!! Hope is not too bad and you can be back in action soon.
    You will need as much time as possible with that new project!!

  5. I made this quilt early on...and I had stamps made for the five shapes and used sewing on the line instead of paper piecing. It went a lot faster that way. Now I am making it a second time but fussy cutting it...same stamps. I love this quilt! Have fun making it!

  6. I have a friend that is doing the Millefoire quilt and it is looking amazing. I am in awh when I see it and others on social media however I feel my heart racing even at the thought--so right now I will be laying low and admiring from afar. But I never say never! Thanks for the tip on Fargo--hubby and enjoyed (even with its weirdness at times). We started House of Cards but never finished--might have to revisit. Hope your thumb is doing OK.

  7. OMG ! OMG ! I know the Passacaglia quilt (I have the book) and it's a very interesting .... very HARD quilt ! :)
    I'm impatient to admire your work and I'm sure it will be gorgeous !
    I know Tula Pink is working on it and you have the same style ! I remember I have read it on a Quiltmania last year....if you want a photo to have an idea, tell me....
    I'm sorry for your finger...Ouch ! Aïe !

  8. I've come across several bloggers that are working on it, one I really admire is Wendy in New Zealand. Both she and her mom are doing it. Wendy started hers last January and has one rosette to do! Here blog is she is also on Instagram wendysquiltsandmore have fun with the project. I look forward to seeing the colours you choose. Take care of your thumb!

  9. Good luck on your quilt! I have not heard of it before. I love House of Cards! I'm totally addicted. 😀

  10. I love House of Cards. Tried watching the original from the BBC in the 70 but its so dated. claire is gorgeous and cruel! Reminds me of Livia from I, Claudius.
    What a fun project - I know you'll get the knack of EPP quick. Your colors will be fabulous for this project.

  11. I will just watch in awe on that quilt. Zelda too. Wow. Two huge projects to start the new year with a bang.

  12. That is a big project! I made one round to try out the way of making these. I did it with the Enlgish paper piecing method. The shapes are rather small I must say. I'm not sure if I will make a big one ever I once saw someone who made a wall hanging, more like a square (may be 25 by 25 inches, or a bit bigger). She made a few circles and it was a very nice miniquilt. I thought this was a great alternative for the big pasacaglia. I think Willyne Hammerstein who made it and put it in her first and second book, made the quilt without the papers. I once joined one of her other workshops (midnight fireworks) and there she told us she makes everything by hand, just sewing the pieces together....
    It is a very impressive and beautiful quilt when finished.

  13. As expected, new pronunciation from another Italian friend:) "passa-kal-ya". You say "tow-may-tow". I say "tow-mah-tow" whatever:) I'm sure your quilt will be beautiful!!!


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