Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Golden Day

Today is one of the most beautiful days that comes along in the fall. Cool in the morning and warm during the day with lots of sunshine.
This is what my sewing room looks like after I finished up the Farm Girl Vintage blocks. While I was working on them, I leave the fabric out so I don't lose them and keep my color scheme intact. Now I need to put them all away, not a favorite task.

These blocks that I finished last winter have marinated enough and now it is time to bite the bullet and get the sashing made. Not a favorite task either.

I guess when all else fails, move onto something new, drafting a new block. I am itching to start something new but will wait.

I have been working slowly on some other swap blocks that I really want to finish up. It is on my design wall and I am not taking it down until it is complete.

While working without a pattern can be fun it is a lot of work too. It is getting there.

How cute is this? I am not a cat person but this will be used for a special person who is.

I wanted to share a super easy recipe that you will love. First take some romaine and cut it in half, wash it and dry it off. Be sure to take off any leaves that are bad.

Brush both sides with olive oil. I don't have measurements just make sure all sides have a nice amount on them.

Sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper, the amount is up to you.

Next sprinkle garlic powder, again both sides.

Put them on a real hot grill. We cooked steak, took it off to rest and turned up the burners. Put them on for about 2 minutes, keep checking so they aren't totally burnt. Flip them over and do the other side. They should have a nice char.
Sprinkle on  blue cheese or parmesan cheese and enjoy. This is now one of my husband's favorite dishes and a lot easier to make than a salad.
Now that summer is over what are you working on?



  1. Always fun to see your quilting projects in process! Very interesting way to use Romaine. Will have to try that!

  2. Wow! I've never grilled Romaine - it looks easy and amazing - thanks!!!

  3. Love the randomness of the swap blocks. Such lovely fresh colours. I sometimes put together left over blocks into a quilt and I totally agree. Even though the blocks are made it is hard work coordinating random blocks and making it into a cohesive quilt top.

  4. We've had some of those 'perfect' days as well. Need to get out and enjoy them cause they won't be here long enough.. :-( Love those kitty heads--funny! My FAVORITE salad is made with romaine so whenever I get any, that's what it goes into. Not sure I could 'sacrifice' it for anything else but that does look goof!

  5. Lots of lovely blocks on the go.
    Make the most of those lovely days before the cold arrives. It sounds perfect.
    And thanks for the recipe. We are heading into BBQ weather here.

  6. This days have been wonderful! It puts a whole new creative vibe-- in the air. Your blocks are great and sure you will knock that sashing out in no time. We do most of our BBQ'ing in the fall, winter and spring--so your recipe comes at the perfect time. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love grilled romaine! If you add some crumbled bacon and sliced cherry tomatoes you have a grilled BLT salad - it is AWESOME.
    Love what I see of the house block quilt! can't wait to see the whole thing.
    Isn't the weather fabulous - i love it.
    I'm adding the last 2 borders on my Alice Payne quilt today

  8. Thank you for the recipe !! I surely will try it ....
    I'm working on my BB stars (wenesday is the day !) and finished my mini Lori's QAL !

  9. I've made that grilled romain recipe a lot since you first told me. I'm with Barb. But I grill a large tomato alongside with the same oil and seasonings. Instant salad. Delishious! I'm working on a spring looking quilt. That's crazy. Ready for fall colors.

  10. I love these golden days too. Your house blocks just made me smile especially with tat giant bird and the cake lady.

  11. That is the best weather, we had some of those days too. I love your free or without a pattern project! Curious!
    Nice receipt, thanks.
    I'm working on the 1718 coverlet, cathedral windows by hand, but beside that there is a new project on my design wall. I'll show it soon;) First I will be teaching teddy bear making tomorrow.

  12. romaine sounds good Ihave been meaning to try this.

  13. romaine sounds good Ihave been meaning to try this.


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