Tuesday, June 16, 2015


How absolutely gorgeous is this fabric? I went into my LQS, The Quilt Block, today to see all the new things they brought back from quilt market. This is an Australian fabric called "Terra Australis" by emma jean jansen for ella blue.

I am always on the hunt for good oranges and this one is spectacular! There are maybe 6 to 8 more fabrics of this line at the shop if you are interested.

I also picked up this pattern because you never know when you need to contain your sewing things...........I know it's just an excuse to sew something cute. The Quilt Block is located in Exton,  PA 610-363-0404

I am going to take a break. Life is just so crazy right now and I feel like my posts are pretty lame and I am a little burned out. I would rather have something interesting and/or informative to share with you. I am not sure how long it will last but you can be sure I will be sewing, and gardening, and babysitting, and enjoying the summertime along with a few books and time with friends.



  1. I love a good orange fabric, too! These are fun, Kelly. Oh, looks like a tempting pattern.

    Enjoy your blog break - summer is always so busy and it seems to pass in the blink of an eye, so have fun!

  2. It's a great range of fabrics, a lovely take on Australia native flowers. Your blog posts are never lame but I totally understand that you want to take a break. It's always good to take time out and rejuvinate. Enjoy!!

  3. Oh Kelly! Your posts are never "lame," but I completely understand how difficult it can be to maintain the "obligation" of posting. I went through a phase like that too. Just take a break. It's okay to do that. And then, when something sparks your interest and you think "Ah-ha! That's what I'd like to blog about!" you'll be ready to come back. So glad you found that Terra Australis... and locally too! I am a HUGE fan of all fabrics designed by Emma Jean Jansen (of Ballarat, Australia) who designs for Ella Blue. Her "The Linen Cupboard" collection is awesome too. And now she has another collection due out soon. Unfortunately, our LQS closed at the end of May, so we have NO resources for pretty, bright, and modern fabrics. Everything I buy now is online. Do enjoy your break! Have a lovely summer!

  4. Yes, this range is beautiful. I have some already in my stash, as I think it was released here in Australia before going overseas.
    A few months ago our quilt guild had Emma as our guest speaker, she is a bright and energetic young woman.
    Enjoy your Summer days!

  5. Fabrics are beautiful! and love the bag pattern too. Only thing Lame is you thinking your posts Lame--We all need a break and I hope you enjoy your time. Will be thinking of you often--have a wonderful summer!

  6. Looks like you have a lot of fun planned for these fabrics.
    Have a good break and look after yourself.

  7. But how will I get to see those sweet grandbaby photos? Oh right, this isn't all about ME...have fun, relax and enjoy your summer!
    PS. You are never lame. :)

  8. That's really okay to take a break! Just enjoy what's happening in your family, stitch when you can and blog whenever you feel like it. There just should not be pressures on us to share with our blogs!! We'll still be here to read whenever that time is - now go enjoy without any guilt!! Those babies will be grown before you know it!

  9. fun fun fabrics and great pattern - looks like a challenge.

  10. Enjoy your break. My summer has just begun and I am looking forward to some quilting time.

  11. I enjoy reading your posts but I can understand your feelings. I feel sort of the same lately. So no problem, take your time and enjoy it!!!


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