Thursday, April 2, 2015



Making the doll quilt I made last week, made me think of making some more pieces that are small. It was fun, not time consuming and gave me almost instant gratification!

I am easily distracted when it comes to sewing. I was looking for one thing and stumbled on the leaves that were given to me last fall. They are all almost the same size and are cut from a variety of fabrics, some pretty and some not so pretty.

So now I dug out the rest of my vintage fabrics and the wheels started to turn.

It can get overwhelming and I have 2 different "ages" of fabric. Vintage which I call the fabrics of the 30's through the 60's and antique which are more dark colors, probably late 1800's through the early 1900's..... think reproductions.

I bought this book back in 1995! I think it is proof, good design is good design no matter how old it is. Janet gives you some easy tips to either copy her design or make your own. She tells you to start with a bird because it is easy, of course I did not listen.

You will never find me making a cat quilt and you will most likely never find me using these colors! Yet it appeals to me. Simple, fun and something you can make your very own.

I had a piece of an old quilt that was leftover from some pillows I made. I bought it as a piece of an already cut up quilt top. The fabric was so soft and the quilting was beautiful. I liked honoring her work with mine on top.

I made a mug rug using this design (in my header on the right) and a postcard. So there must be something about the way this looks that appeals to me. It happens to be doll quilt size but the proportions of the leaves are not in keeping with doll quilts.

What I liked about making this quilt.....
Everything except the floss is vintage
I didn't feel the need to make my embroidery perfect (it's not!)
I loved hand appliqueing the leaves without thinking about turning it on the line, they are all different
I love all the pretty pinks, even the ones that are a little dingy
I was hesitant about the yo yo and the rectangles but am glad I put them in
Just touching the soft white quilt made me happy and was nice to sew through
I thought about the woman who quilted those tiny stitches, would she be horrified?
I started this and finished it in 1 day

So now I am deciding if I will put a binding feels kind of nice without it but looks a little raggedy. It will be a vintage fabric so that may be a deciding factor.
I will be making more of these. Watch for a bird quilt!



  1. I love the Sprig--so Springlike! I hardly ever make small (doll) quilts--and I don't know why. I get drawn into large numbers that take forever to finish and before long I can get (sick of!0 bored with them...perhaps this should be a new route for me to take. Nice post hugs, Julierose

  2. Love your Sprig! So scrappy, vintage and soft looking. I can see why you are having so much fun with these.:)

  3. Your creativity is really shining through on this sweet doll quilt. I love the fact that you're used the vintage quilted piece and put the sprig of pink leaves on top. It's whimsy look made me smile.

  4. You are so creative, Kelly. Thanks for sharing your process with us. The quilt is just perfect!

  5. Hooray for Folk art! my favorite way to make quilts!!

  6. I think the quilter would be thrilled to know her stitches are still bringing smiles to faces. I love what you've done and how it has that soft sweet relaxed vibe. Good job.

  7. I think the quilter would be thrilled to know her stitches are still bringing smiles to faces. I love what you've done and how it has that soft sweet relaxed vibe. Good job.

  8. This is such a gorgeous piece in every way!

  9. This is so sweet, Kelly - love it!

  10. Count me in as another Sprig fan. I just love everything about it. And, yes, I think the woman from long ago would agree with us. How flattering it would be if someone a hundred years from now loved something I made so much that she incorporates some scrap she found into her own work. I t's just cool :) Love the Sprig!


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