Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sewing Day

I finally got all my nine patches from the swap that Barb, from Fun With Barb held last Fall. It was such a fun swap and I got a great variety of fabrics in this quilt. I did make some more on my own as I wanted it a little bigger, this one will go on the couch for naps.

While this was not the original pattern I chose, I sewed them all  wrong at the Getaway in February and decided I was not going to unsew them. I really do dislike sewing long rows together, it is pretty boring.

On my design wall I have another group of swap blocks also a swap that Barb organizd. This is a randomly pieced quilt so it is taking a bit longer than I thought.

When I haven't sewn in a while, I want to make everything that is floating around in my head. Not that it is practical but things get pulled out, willy nilly. These blue fabrics are going into the quilts for the twins now that we know they are boys. It's pretty bad when you are stacking up your boxes of scraps. A cleaning is in order!

I came upon this vintage Economy Patch quilt that I absolutely loved. Sorry for the bad pictures, it is very bright here today.

It is damaged and needs repair. There is one fabric in particular that has disintegrated. Part of me feels the needs to rescue it.......

but as I look closer at it much of it is coming apart. It was hand pieced and hand quilted with no batting and no binding.

The fabrics are very vibrant and have wonderful designs. It does need a bath too.
So would you cut it apart and use the fabrics or keep it whole and try to repair it? Does anyone know if I wash it now, would I be sorry?



  1. First I LOVE your 9-patch quilt. It's so sweet! With the vintage quilt I'd cut it apart but cut it into usable squares or HST's or something. I wouldn't take every seam apart. Or (I just thought of this) what about layering it with batting and backing (leaving what's there in tact) and quilting it with very close straight lines. That would hold everything together and it would be a sweet cuddle quilt after it's washed a few times.

  2. Really nice setting with those swap blocks--your little houses are so cute and cheery! Hugs, Julierose

  3. The nine patch is looking so bright and cheerful! Just what we need here with lots of rain and heavy storms. I wouldn't know what to advice. Actually I have a antique top too. At first I was thinking of using the fabrics but I'm afraid the fabric will even be worse if you are going to unpick them and work with them again. I hope you can repair the worst spots and then may be give it a gentle handwash.
    Good luck, it is a nice quilt though,

  4. Very fun to see all your wips and quilty ideas! Love that vintage economy patch too. Wonderful fabrics! Tim over at does a lot of work with vintage fabrics and tops. He is pretty adamant that the repairs should always be done first and then washing later after the quilt is totally done being stitched to batting. Less chance of deterioration to the fabrics with the added reinforcement of the stitching. It'll be fun to see what you come up with!

  5. Your photos have a dreamy quality to them. I love the simple layout of your 9 patches, It's such a colourful, happy look. Good luck with whatever you decide with the vintage quilt.

  6. Your nine patch quilt is just beautiful! Love all of the blues for the new babies. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Good luck with the vintage quilt. A lovely treasure.

  7. LOVE the 9 patches! Looks like a great swap!

  8. I really like that 9's perfect! And I know what you mean about scraps getting out of control...mine seem to be doing the same thing right now! Love the vintage quilt, those fabrics are fun prints!

  9. Your nine patches are happy and bright and they look great altogether. Your vintage quilt is also happy and bright. Maybe you keep the quilt as is and enjoy it folded in a sweet spot. Otherwise, it might be a long term project, which isn't bad just slow. It would be lovely redone.

  10. I really like the polka dot fabric with the nine patches-it really adds to them! And what a find on on the Economy patch quilt. I am noticing that you have a eye for discovering vintage and unique items! Have fun in Sewing Land!

  11. wee! I love your nine patch quilt. I think simple settings are working perfectly for these colorful patches.
    fun vintage find! can't wait to see more with the house quilt!!

  12. Love your nine patch polka dots... How big are the squares?.. We finished a nine patch exchange last year and I'm working on quilt #3 from the blocks.. One square, one on point and one with all the "ugly" squares cut into 1/4s and sashed on two sides... This one is to be an"art" quilt, in which I mess around with whatever idea comes into my head. It is in my 'ufo's file right now, while it percolates in my head...
    How do I get my friends to do a swap?..they are intent on making quilts they "like" and seldom 'stetch' their limits...

    1. I would love to respond to you but there was no email address!
      Maybe try something very simple with your friends to start and they will feel comfortable trying something a little more out there?

  13. Oh your quilt is exquisite! I love the simple polka dot fabric with the squares.

  14. I just LOVE your Nine Patch quilt!! So pretty! I see you are drinking Kombucha - what is your favorite flavor? Mine is Ginger-Ade.

  15. I love your quilt. I wouldn't cut it up, I would just repair it and replace worn fabric with some pieces that look similar. That's
    What I have done in the past. Hugs,

  16. You do have lots happening. Love the look of the 9 patch. That has come together well.
    And the house blocks are fun, too. You are busy with swap blocks.
    Have fun with the blue quilts. That is going to be an interesting task now you have 3 boys of similar ages.

  17. Everyone loves you 9-patch quilt and so do I...oh, and those long rows.....disliking them is another thing we have in common!

  18. I am so glad that wonderful vintage quilt is in your good hands. I really don't have knowledge based answers to your questions. Personally, I would want to salvage and repair it if I thought that it was at all possible. But I would try to find some people who are familiar with the process and ask their opinion on if it's a good candidate for repairing. I would guess that, even though it may feel ookie and icky, I wouldn't wash it until I had repaired and strengthened it as much as I could. Maybe you could just get a big bucket and dunk it in there with some gentle detergent and no agitation? But even then, you would need to wring it to help it dry. I guess it's just whether or not you can stand to work on it dirty :) Well, I've said enough for a person who knows nothing about it... Except I love it and whatever you can do will be great to preserve that person's work of so long ago. Another thing I love is the idea of doing a house quilt that has all unique and fun houses so I can't wait to see what you do with those blocks, too!


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