Friday, March 27, 2015

Vintage and New

I have had little time to sew in the past 2 weeks. It does make me feel a little anxious when I have to go for a long time without a needle in my hand!
Yesterday I whipped up this little doll quilt in just a few hours. It felt good to sew, accomplish something and break every rule I impose on myself. The rules I broke were to stitch in the ditch. I don't like the way it looks but I felt this would be ruined with quilting all over it. I did free motion around the center motif. I could not find a fabric that I liked for the binding so I did it pillowcase style, another technique I don't like but for this it worked. The pink fabric with the diamond shapes is driving me crazy because it looks off kilter. Most of the fabrics are by Tula Pink.

This quilt was the inspiration for my quilt. While I love it, I want to make quilts using fabrics that are current today. Many years from now I want someone to say "oh this was made during this time period, you can tell by the fabrics".

If you are even remotely interested in quilting, you know there is a little mini quilt revolution going on, they are everywhere! I can see the appeal, something quick and fast and easy to hang in a small space.

I was happy to remember that I had some vintage/antique doll quilts in my pile of quilts.

So I dug them out to see if they would inspire me.

I think this one is the oldest of the 4 I own. It is all hand pieced with no quilting or batting. When I bought it years ago is was filthy, I did wash it even though it is in a very fragile state.

I am wondering if a child repaired this, I hope so I find it charming!

I have a huge library and never, ever feel guilty about buying a book. Even though I bought some of these 20+ years ago, I still find inspiration in them, even though my taste in fabrics have changed.

Did you hear?

Finally Pyrex got the message that we love vintage Pyrex and maybe they could make something cuter than a plain glass bowl! Lynne L I had you in mind when I was buying these! They are celebrating 100 years of Pyrex.
To keep up with the vintage vibe today, did you know fifty years ago today Stop In The Name Of Love came out?  Man do I feel old, but LOVE that song.

Hopefully now that things have calmed down around here I will be back to posting more regularly.
Have a great weekend!



  1. Great old and new doll quilts. I've got to get some of that new pyrex!

  2. What a loverly show of doll quilts and how special to have some antique ones. I wonder if your off kilter diamond fabric was in an antique quilt whether you'd find it chatming rather than annoying?

  3. Loved your mini quilt show. You have some fun little treasures. I liked your thoughts about your newest little quilt's age eventually being determined by your current fabric choices. Something interesting to think about. I'm sure it will...with the help of a label. :0) And I love that new Pyrex. I might have to find a piece or two.

  4. Good to see you getting some stitching time. Love the idea of working on something small and achievable.
    Your collection of little doll quilts is delightful.
    I wonder if we will see the 100th anniversary Pyrex here? Will have to go searching!

  5. Love your new doll quilt and really love your antique doll quilts - what a nice little collection you have.
    Great pyrex! where did you get it?
    love that mending job too, lol.

  6. Love all those little quilts...old and new. Nice Pyrex...will have to keep an eye out for it. "Stop in the Name of Love"...50 years ago....oh my, that's a blast from the past. I saw the Supremes (before they were "Diana Ross and the Supremes"), Jan & Dean and one hit wonder, Diane Renay (Navy Blue) on a Dick Clark Tour at Steel Pier (remember that) in Atlantic City. Sheesh...that long ago, huh! : )))

  7. Always charming and inspiring those vintage doll quilts! Your new doll quilt is as well so charming!

  8. Love those Pyrex bowls, must keep my eye out for them! I didn't realize the Pyrex craze until that weekend - saw the prices in an antique store - pricey! Your doll quilt is so sweet! Looks at home in your lovely collection. Nice to get back to sewing, isn't it? My husband says he's happy to see fabric trimmings in my sewing room trash bin - because he knows it makes me happy. :)

  9. Several of your books look very familiar. I HAD them... and sold them before we moved. I want to like the quilt you just made, but I can't get my "like" to work with Tula Pink prints. I know her stuff is all the rage, but they just don't click for me. Though, I will say that I've seen a couple pretty quilts when the prints are all cut up. Is this Elizabeth quilt for someone special? Hey, and congratulations on being a Grandma again, double! You've got the babies rollin' in, don't ya?!

  10. I am so glad Pyrex finally figured out that we want the retro look! Very sweet new doll quilt. So quirky and fun!

  11. What sweet mini quilts, Kelly! Something very inspiring about looking at vintage pieces, I have to agree. Isn't it fun to think that one day, things we've made will be considered vintage? :o)

    Woohoo. I love Pyrex and had not heard this good news. Betting my collection will grow...

  12. Kelly, current and retro at the same time! That's pretty cool for the quilts and the Pyrex.

  13. Be still my heart!!! I hadn't seen these "new' vintage Pyrex, they are just beautiful!!! I'm running out of room. Your antique little quilts are so special and sweet. I love that you said that you have a large library and never feel guilty about buying books - that's how I feel about my cookbooks too. (Although I have a few quilting books also!)

  14. Your mini quilt turned out great. Nice to see you made an older one again. O and I love seeing the antique doll quilts!! So nice to think about where they came from, who made them and what child was playing with them..
    I know pyrex too. We had bowls from pyrex when I was little I remember. I didn;t see those here (in the Netherlands) yet.

  15. The doll quilts are precious! Love the Pyrex. Where did you find the striped bowls on the top right?

  16. Great use of that Elizabeth print in your doll quilt. All your tiny quilts are beautiful. Have never made one but I love that trend of hanging many of them together on a wall.

  17. Stop! In the Name of Love..... I wonder what Madeline Foley is doing tonight..... You can't hurry love, it just has to wait..... she sang this song our WHOLE first year of college.....she did marry her Tom and moved back to Ohio..... I wonder if she quilts? I do.


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